What I like

I am a fan of Harry Potter – canon pairings mostly, but I also love Teddy & Andromeda or Teddy & Harry or Teddy & Draco fics. I like next-gen fics too. I don’t like slash, though.

I also love Forgotten Realms, especially the drow, but also Artemis/Calihye. It’s connected to my other loves: Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate.

Another fandom I like is LOTR – Arwen/Aragorn rules.  So does Eowyn/Faramir.

I like Silmarillion too – Feanor/Nerdanel,  Beren/Luthien and, the most of all, Turin/Niniel.

I like Star Wars too – Anakin/Padme above all, but I also like fics where one of the twins gets to meet one of their parents. I’d like also to see more stories about Anakin Solo. Otherwise, it’s pretty much canon pairings – Han/Leia and Mara/Luke.

Last but not least, I occasionally check some other archives.



You can find the exhaustive list of my favorite archives on FF.net here.


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