Description of Jaheira & Khalid from BG

Something that I was told at uni that it ‚was too good’ and ‚did you write it yourself’ even though I did… you’ll notice most of it is my own imagination, even though the characters and the general idea come from Baldur’s Gate.

Khalid and Jaheira are a married couple. You would think there’s not a pair more different from each other… but in truth, they have much in common.

Jaheira is a beautiful woman with shoulder-length auburn hair and brown eyes. She is usually dressed in the colors of the forest, as she is a druid. Her hands are usually dyed green or black from soil and whatever herbs she has recently found. The dirt cannot hide the fact that her skin is quite light and smooth for someone who is not a city-dweller. Khalid, on the other hand, seems to be her complete opposite. He has short red hair, inherited from his mother and usually hidden beneath a helmet. His favorite color seems to be a warm shade of orange. He has a sharp nose, one his wife could call ‘eagle’s beak’ easily. His hands are strong and calloused from holding the hilt of a sword, and his skin is noticeably darker than Jaheira’s – suntanned, most probably. Both Khalid and Jaheira are of mixed heritage – they have slightly pointed ears and high cheekbones as proof of the elven blood in their veins. They’re also of similar age.

Nowhere could you find more similarities between Khalid and Jaheira than in their philosophical outlook. Both prefer largely to keep to themselves, yet as members of an organization called the Harpers they are often forced to uphold their views as a group. They travel a lot and do not find it tiring. Both count the same people among their friends and are fiercely loyal to them. One can trust their promises and words to be kept.

As far as the character traits and attitude to life are concerned, Khalid is a quiet and shy man. He speaks more openly only to his wife and he prefers not to be heard by others. He mourns his closest friend, recently murdered, and misses the family he lost – his mother the most. It seems that his stutter is an aftereffect of his childhood, with him being the middle son, half-breed, loved by no one save for his mother, who died when he was still a child. The speech impediment does not help his social skills any. In private though Khalid is a kind and loving man, one who is capable of acts of great bravery in defense of those he loves. His other half is an outspoken and strong-willed woman, someone who knows what she wants. Some believe Jaheira is too harsh with others, including her husband, but Khalid is not bothered in the least. Generally speaking, she has a sharp tongue and is quick to criticize others and point their faults. Beneath that veneer though hides a woman whose dearest wish is to live a life of peace with her family – consisting of her husband only, since she has never known her parents, murdered during a civil war when she was only an infant. She seems to be accepting of death, yet she is greatly unnerved by the fact Khalid might one day fall in battle.

It can be seen from the above that the marriage of Khalid and Jaheira seems to be a case of ‘Opposites attract’, yet you would be hard-pressed to find a happier couple. The fact that they share the same philosophical views and strive to further the same ideas has served to bind them together.


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