About the ratings

Personally, I’d prefer to leave my stories unrated. Unfortunately, it is not possible.

Frankly, I find the rating system sketchy at best and crippled at worst. There are no clear guidelines for people living outside the area where the ratings are used the most. Sometimes I have the feeling that even the British and the Americans do not really understand them. Often I see a story rated M ‚to be safe’ or a story rated K because the author ‚had no idea what to put’.

Besides, what is there to stop the author from marking his or her story as M, even if it is clearly T or T+ at most? Or the opposite – marking a mature story as T or even K? Some are offended by slash; some – by even a single swearword; some others – by a merest mention of sexual relationships. How is the author to rate his or her story correctly?

For these reasons, the ratings given for my stories are not exactly clear. They are more a result of guesswork and guesstimates than real rating. The above is especially true for the stories not yet translated.


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