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Don’t take my love lightly by anythingbutgrey

Mr. Weasley’s birthday present by mollywheezy –

With a little help from friends by mollywheezy

Connection by fumph

Starting Over and Inner Demons by serendipity_50

Apple Blossom Summer by boltandthunder –

Sweet Grass Summer by ladychi –

Try and Hide the Night by tosca1390 –

Conquer by otterandterrier

Closer to Heaven by lunalovepotter

Catch my Snitch

Snitches and Snogging by kezzabear


Saying No by koneko_zero


Riddikulus by quand le rideau tombe (Andromeda)

We’re not ones for busting through walls by anythingbutgrey  (Lavender)

Giving In by mihnn (George)

Lovesong by elle_blessing (Michael Corner/Lisa Turpin)

Learning to leap all over again by silverfoxflower (Cho Chang)

Royalty doesn’t do funerals by jesuisfortis  (Malfoys)

The Difference Between a Martyr and a Hero is Whether Or Not They Keep Their Eyes Open by liliths_requiem (Dennis Creevey, Ginny)

A Certain Light by mindabbles (Longbottoms)

Whatever It Takes by mondmagique – (Snape, Lily)

Eternal Summer by keep_counting (Frank/Alice, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks)

Respite by mickawberfics  (McG, Dumbledore)

Dwelling on Dreams by panther_fic  (Lily/Severus)

Young Hope by panther_fic (Draco/Astoria)

Betrayal by justfab (Pettigrew)

The best of him by purpleygirl (Snape/Lily)

 The very best!

Invictus by kibatsu

Nights of Gethsemane by kibatsu

Lost Among Our Winnings by bachlava



Mature (NC-17 or R)

More Than Just Sex by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)

Let Them Eat Cake by unseen1969 (Ron/Hermione)

Picnic by lunalovepotter (Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny)

Cry Wolf by lunalovepotter (Remus/Tonks)

An Unexpected Mother by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)

Almost Perfect by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)

The Beach by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)

Body Double by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)

Better Than Chocolate by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)

Believe by lunalovepotter (Harry/Ginny)



 Game of  Thrones

The first by turnedfic


Updated: 13.09.2011

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