A new layer of the Abyss

Layer 88 – The Blessed Realm of Lloth

Ruler: Vierna (CE drow half-fiend Clr 20 of Lloth)

This layer was inhabited first by a group of drow half-fiends from one of many worlds venerating the Spider Queen. The leader is said to be a daughter or a granddaughter of Lloth. They brought some drow servants without fiendish blood with them. Then the leaders summoned or called the servants of Lloth from the Demonweb Pits.

Now, thousands of years later, the hierarchy is set. Did I mention it is considered divine grace to have eight children, or even better, umm? what’s the word? octuplets?… The more fiendish blood you have, the higher in hierarchy you are.

1. The highest tier consists of Vierna, of course, and her closest family (brother and their respective children and grandchildren).
2. Below them are yochlols and myrlochars, hailed as divine servants of the Spider Queen.
3. The sacred half-demons, draegloths, are next in this ladder.
4. Then follow other drow half-fiends, of various descent.
5. Only a step below them are fiendish drow, whose demonic blood is more polluted.
6. The pure fiends are next, although they enjoy the fact that they cannot die for true while on this layer.
7. Pure-blooded drow (meaning: with no fiendish blood) are the lowest recognized level.
8. Anything or anyone else is trash here.

The layer resembles the Underdark of many worlds, but everything is in groups of 8 or covered by spiderwebs… or in some other way bound to Lloth. The realm has eight main cities and virtually no other settlements. The corridors and tunnels are even more deadly than in „normal” Underdark.
Thus a special gift from the goddess is here in working: no one or nothing that comes from this layer and lives here can die here. That includes both the civilized folk and monsters. This way, the intrahouse fighting and the battle for survival will never end and the race will not die out.

Forbidden things here include:
– Devils (duh)
– Venerating anyone and anything else than Lloth

Everything else is allowed. The rules are the same as in normal drow society. Apart from the fact that it’s drow half-fiends who rule.
And everything that is done and said is connected with the Spider Queen. If the goddess was to ever visit this layer, all the folk here would drop to their knees and cease any activity out of wonder and religious awe.


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