Best energy/blood missions (average blood per 1 energy)

A/N: „k” refers to thousands, „m” to millions.


The calculation:

Payout-1120 – 1680 Energy-4
1120 + 1680 = 2800; 2800 / 2 / 4 = 350


Feast on a Human’s Blood: 250
Eliminate a Street Gang: 390
Raid a Blood Bank: 528.6
Destroy a Renegade Vampire: 333.3
Kill a Drug Dealer: 350
Fight a Sewer Wererat: 325
Rescue an Ally From an Insane Asylum: 350

Fight Ghouls in the Deep Woods: 666.6
Destroy a Circle of Warlocks: 666.6
Attack a Vampiric Lair: 1,25k
Feed in Central Park: 656.25
Tame a Shadow Demon: 700
Sneak into Vampires’ Nest: 1,6k
Fight a Vampire Slayer: 1,76k
End the Unlife of a Lich: 1,9k

Challenge a Haitian Voodoo Gang: 1,833k
Fight a Pack of Werewolves: 6k
Retrieve a Lost Relic From the High Desert: 5k
Fight Another Vampire For Mental Dominance: 5,625
Take Control of a Neighborhood: 17,857.1
Save a Vampire From Hunters: 8k
Clear a Laboratory of Hideous Mutants: 10,384.6

Battle a Werewolf Lord: 41,666.6
Rescue an Ally from the Underworld: 11,833.3
Fight Government Agents in Foundry: 16,666.6
Banish Summoned Demon: 105,263.2
Face a Rival Clan Alone: 160k
Destroy a Demonic Lord: 187,5k
Exterminate A Rival Clan: 214,285.7


Research the Spider Queen’s Lair: 44,285.7
Travel through the Moonlit Forest: 51,785.7
Uncover the Spider Caverns: 58,108.1
Eliminate the Spider Guards: 62,179.5
Locate the Queen’s Nest: 76,250
Slay the Spider Queen: 72,222.2
Imbibe the Spider Queen’s blood: 79,761.9
Demolish the Spider Caverns: 77,173.9

Foresee a Traitor in the Midst: 78,947.4
Interrogate a Traitorous Minion: 70,714.3
Investigate the Lair of Acanthus: 69,696.9
Create a Diversion: 69,047.62
Assault Acanthus’s Lair: 67,777.7
Stand-Off with Acanthus: 90k


Uncover Draven’s Catacombs: 76,190.5
Navigate the Labyrinth: 75k
„Investigate” the Chapel: 72,222.2
Clear the Rotting Meat Locker: 71,153.85
Meet with Lord Draven: 75k
Uncover the Truth: 51,851.85
Dispense with Lord Draven: 96,610.2

Receive The Shadow Council’s Request: 72,222.2
Travel to the Council Ruins: 71,25k
Meet with the Council’s Emissary: 50k
The Shadow Council’s Challenge: 67,5k
Heir to the Council: 67k
Prepare the Altar: 65,384.6
Summon the Shadow Council: 63,793.1
Ascend to the Shadow Council: 91,935.5

The Last 4 missions in Savant are your best blood ratio missions. However, 3 of the last 4 require mission items, making Face a Rival Clan Alone mission the only one that does not.

Spain Chapter 1 (the same is true for all the others)

Journey through the Sierra de Tramuntana: 6,6k

Follow the sounds to locate the gypsy camp (3 energy): 24k

Trek to the Guide’s Tent: 10,5k

Interrogate the Guide: 10,8k

Defeat the Guide in a battle of wits: 11,666

Follow the Guide to the gates of the city: 10k

Sneak past the Guards and enter the city: 10k



I counted the ratios for Spain myself.



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