Vampire Wars beginners tips

1. finish the induction in time – just do the combat and the missions and then use your blood to spin the wheel twice and pay the collector. You can use your favor points to speed up the delivery, though. And remember to collect the reward…

2. switch to Noble Vampire ASAP – while it’s free. It gives you blood faster.

3. get your first minions ASAP and don’t worry about “buying in 10” stuff in the tips for now

4. while it’s free, reallocate your skill points. Increase Attack and Defense to about 15 and stuff everything else into Energy. Don’t worry about Rage. Do the same with the skill points you earn from levels and trophies.

5. bank your blood unless you are going to spend it immediately. Loss of 10% may seem awful until you remember you can lose 100% by losing a fight… and the remaining 90% are secure in your bank.

6. choose your opponents wisely – fight only people whose ranking is lower than yours

7. find tips on the net or on my page

8. whatever you do, don’t cheat and don’t piss off people!

9. use this auto calc for choosing the best minions to buy

10. bank up on favor points – use them for skill points and equipment


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