Vampire Wars wishlist

1. buy favor points for blood or something else you can spend your blood on when you have accumulated a lot of it
2. sell items for new ones, same for abilities
3. confirmation of spending favor points on gamble or spin again
4. 24h wait period cut down to 20h
5. more collector options
6. more artisan items in chests
7. sending blood to friends (clannies)
8. more body types, every hairstyle in every hair color, choice of eye color (green/black/brown/red/yellow), more clothing (just what already is in more color versions would do)
9. more blood magic
10. every hairstyle for avatar sets
11. do mission 5/10 times button
12. when trying to deposit more than you have, deposit all that you have
13. in-game trading with clear rules and penalties
14. tone down the importance of clans (getting a clan of 501 is hard with the new Facebook policy)
15. refill energy/rage for some grand price in blood (1m a point sounds good)
16. buy clothes for money instead of FP (1m per 1 favor point currently)


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