Vampire Wars review

This browser game on Facebook is based on mostly the same rules as Mafia Wars by the same producer. It may seem overwhelming at first and time-limited, but it soon turns out to be quite fun.

The main advantage it has over its sister game is graphics. Your avatar is displayed on the main page, and many options for its customization are available. Also, the main screen is arranged better than in Mafia Wars. Another advantage is the tutorial for the beginners. It is, however, time-limited. It does not dissuade most from playing, but is an added encouragement to get in the game.

Also, the game is considerably harder than MW. Mastering missions takes longer and the income is less. Despite this, it is much more fun than the sister game. Probably because you have to work harder… At every level-up, you gain skill points and favour points.

The skill points can be used in exactly the same way as in Mafia Wars. That is, you can spend them on energy (necessary to do missions), rage (needed to fight), attack or defence (they influence the outcome of the fight, although to an even lesser degree than in MW) or health (how long you can fight). You’re best off if you decide to concentrate on one of the skills…

The game is all about earning blood (the currency of the game), but there’s few things to do with it aside from buying more minions, who make the income. Pretty much the same situation as in Mafia Wars.

On the flipside, we have bonuses such as Akem’s Gamble or Mandy’s Wheel. You can win nifty bonuses or special abilities in them. The presence of the abilities also makes the game more interesting than the MW. What a pity only few of them are buyable, most can be only won by pure chance.

The game also suffers from many of the disadvantages also present in Mafia Wars. Too much emphasis is placed on having a large clan (and even more on making it a maximum of 501). It stands contrary to the current policies of the Facebook, which ban inviting (friending) people you do not know personally. Moreover, there’s too few ways of winning favour points, which are used to earn some important bonuses.


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