Fic and art recs – – pt I

Searching for the Lost by Princess in Love

A sweet story, surprisingly well written, that has Ginny Potter find the Marauders’ Map and use it to contact its’ makers. Features a surprise person or two among those who answer her. Lovely!


Heir of Prince by JasonMorganfan87

An interesting story with a good twist on the (a bit overused) Severitus. Especially good is the insight from Neville. Harry’s reaction is so IC and believable. None of the sudden-love and all-is-good.


What Not To Die For by PaleShadow

A story where Snape remains behind as a ghost… a ghost that is inadvertently bound to one Harry Potter. Not slash! Features amazing dialogue, epic snarkiness and a lot of angst on behalf of the Potions Master and the Boy-Who-Lived.


McGonagall’s List by Imagen99

Awesome list of things McGonagall forbids her students to do. Sorted by year. Contains allusions to just about every book.


Don’t Shed a Tear For Me by Slumbering Potion

A compelling tale of Harry, recently widowed, searching for a cure for his sick daughter, Lily Luna. The fear for the girl’s life is justified, as Ginny lost her life to the very same condition. McGonagall finds a man who can save Lily – a man thought to be dead… I don’t like slash, but the Ginny/Harry undertones and Snape & Lily Luna interactions more than make up for it…


A Better World by Pennilyn Novus

A sweet story where Draco finds a lost Albus Severus in Knockturn Alley and brings him back to his parents. A lot of insight into Malfoy’s thoughts and some parallels to Scorpius. Brilliant!


For Lily by WhiteGray

Awesome rendition of the final battle from DH. With one tiny change – Snape lives. See how it changes the battle. None of the giant changes, though, just simple ones. Makes it so much better.


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