Monte Cook’s alternate alignment system

A/N: Quoted and edited by me for clarity and shortness. It’s supposed to be a short, understandable explanation.

EDIT: More from me to come  – Polish translation and comments.

Source: „Book of Hallowed Might” Monte Cook


Each factor of a character’s alignment carries a numeric rating on a scale of 1 to 9.


1 Doesn’t like to see bad things happen to others

2 Helps others occasionally, particularly friends

3 Willing to help strangers on occasion

5 Gives of himself to help others, whether it be time, money, possessions, or something else

7 Takes concepts like purity, innocence, and other higher principles very seriously

8 Would sacrifice anything, even his life, for others in a heartbeat

9 Refuses to harm anything or anyone, even if it brings misfortune or death on himself


1 Finds joy in the misfortune of others, but usually wouldn’t act to hurt others

2 Willing to cause others pain or misfortune to better himself

3 Actively enjoys lying, stealing, and inflicting pain on others

4 Willing to cause harm even to friends to get ahead

5 Willing to kill to better himself

7 Will kill for the sheer pleasure of bringing pain and death to others

9 Hates life, goodness, and light and does everything in his power to destroy them


1 Generally tries to keep his promises and, when in doubt, follows the rules

2 Has a set of guidelines he generally lives by

3 Genuinely respects authority figures for their positions

4 Willing to see one person killed or hurt if it helps large numbers of people

5 Willing to follow a code or a strict set of principles even if it brings misfortune on himself

8 Would be willing to see many people harmed or killed if it helped society as a whole

9 Follows a set path in so orderly a way as to risk blind self-destruction. Despises and fears individuality.


1 A bit of a nonconformist or free spirit

2 Will lie if it suits him, hates to be ordered around

3 Disorganized but extremely easygoing

5 Rejects the idea of majority rule

6 Prefers anarchy to any other form of organization

7 Occasionally destroys things in reckless abandon

9 Hates structure and order so much that destruction for its own sake becomes desirable

This system assumes that there are, in fact, very few truly neutral people. Most are at least a 1 rating on one side of the spectrum or the other. For that reason, rating 1 is still considered Neutral for purposes of alignment-affecting or -detecting spells.


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