Dark Magic ch4

Dark Magic ch4


Harry Potter shifted from one leg to the other. He could not stop thinking about what Ginny had suggested. Maybe Snape had survived after all? Or maybe it’s some unknown girlfriend of his mother’s? Did Molly and his mother know each other? Or Alice, Neville’s poor mother? Ron – or Hermione, to be exact – advised him to look for answers in the old Hogwarts yearbooks…

‘Enter’ a voice with distinct Scottish accent said.

The young Auror turned the knob and walked inside. He looked around. Nothing seemed to have changed here at first glance. The portraits on the wall hung just the way they did when he was here last – two years ago, just after he’d defeated Voldemort.

‘Good morning, Pro- Headmistress…’

McGonagall waved her hand, ignoring his slip. Harry sat in the place she indicated. He saw sadness in his old teacher’s eyes.

‘I am so very sorry, Mr. Potter. I’ve heard what happened. Your mother – Lily – Miss Evans… was one of my favorite students’

‘Cursed newspapers’ Harry muttered under his breath ‘My boss wants me to explain it… Did my mother have any enemies at school?’

‘Miss Evans was well liked in Gryffindor. I’d think your father and his friends were the closest to her enemies… but then, it was just youthful stupidity – name calling, pointing fingers. I cannot imagine someone hating her that much… Or maybe it was the Death Eaters?’

‘Pardon? Oh, yeah. I don’t think it likely. If they wanted to, they’ve had more than enough time all those years. It had to be someone who could not have done … it… earlier. Did Lily have any close friends? I thought- maybe someone who was very close to her- maybe she wanted to move her somewhere else…’

‘Or cannot come to terms with her death’ McGonagall added thoughtfully. ‘Your mother was close to Dorcas Meadowes and Alice… Alice Longbottom’

‘Oh’ Harry realized that trace led nowhere. Dorcas was dead, and Alice was locked in St. Mungo for years.

‘Do you consider men also, Mr. Potter?’

Harry shrugged.

‘We can’t leave anything out right now’

‘The first person that comes to my mind is Severus. Professor Snape to you. I remember they were very close. I do not know what happened to make them cut all ties. Maybe it was about your father… Severus has always hated him.’

‘Well, but the Professor is dead… Maybe I could talk to his portrait?’

‘I am afraid it’s impossible, Mr. Potter’ before Potter opened his mouth to protest, Minerva pointed her hand at the wall ‘As you can see, Professor Snape’s portrait has not appeared. I do cannot recall such a happening. Maybe it was decided that Severus was not Headmaster?’

Harry cursed under his breath and McGonagall threw him a severe look.

‘Anyone else?’ when the Headmistress shook her head, the young Auror rubbed his face, frustrated. ‘Great. Did- did my mum have any admirers aside from my father?’

Minerva lifted her eyebrows – she did not expect such a question.

‘Of course. Miss Evans was very popular… but- let’s say- her expectations were high. But I am afraid that it leads nowhere… Most of those boys are dead now.’

‘Can you remember any names, ma’am?’

‘Only two. Your father… and Severus.’

‘Professor Snape?’

‘Indeed. I’ve always suspected there was more than friendship ‘twixt him and Lily. Horace thinks the same. I cannae be sure, though. I only know Severus was deeply hurt by her death.’

Harry rubbed his face.

‘So you’d suspect Professor Snape the soonest, ma’am?’

‘Yes’ Minerva nodded.

There was a knock on the office door. It opened after a moment and Ron Weasley came in.

‘G’day, Pro- ee- Headmistress. Harry, we’ve got to go. Boss wants something again. What did you find?’

‘Professor McGonagall suspects Professor Snape. His portrait is not here, we can’t learn anything more. Pity’

‘Did Snape leave anything behind? Maybe you could get boss to agree to searching his quarters next time…’

‘Horace took Severus’s quarters. I’ve made sure that everything Severus left is packed and protected. If the Auror Office wished so, you would be able to gain access to these things’

The Aurors looked at each other.

‘We’ll try to get to it. Thank you, Headmistress, ma’am.’

Ron just scrapped his legs on the floor and they left the office.




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