Crusader Kings links and mods

A/N: Everything concerns Crusader Kings, without the Deus Vult expansion. The mods also do not require Deus Vult.

1.05 patch



Gratianus’ Mods

CoA Gratianus download

Historical and better-looking coats of arms for all the provinces.

Changed pics for templar events

Different pictures for the Templars, Ioannites and the Teutonic Knights events.

New castles and courtier icons

As the name suggests.

New province banners

Better looking banners.

New title frames

Better title frames for easier distinguishing between kings, dukes and counts.

Tunch Khan’s Moslem Portraits

Better portraits for the Muslim characters

Devine Shadows Pagan/Muslim mod

Allows playing as Pagans and Muslims, as the name suggests.


BOPACK download

BOPACK gfx download

A set of new events for CK.


Dynastic Glory

Dynastic Glory – download

A program that offers a different scoring system, based on the achievements of all the kings in the dynasty.


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