Fanfiction dictionary

adj!name – denotes a prevalent characteristic of a given character in the story

Adultfic – a story for adults only

Angst – a story with a lot of drama, stressing; often emotionally wrenching

Anti Sue – a clumsy, good-for-nothing, the butt-of-the-jokes, ugly character, as unnatural as her positive equivalent, Mary Sue

A/N – Author’s Note

AU – short for Alternate Universe; a world where certain key events did not take place or were changed; sometimes, the basic idea of the fandom is changed (everyone is human or there is no magic, for example)

B/s – short for bondage & submission

BDSM – short for bondage, domination, sado-masochism

Bashing – a certain character is shown as unlikable, evil

Beta (reader) – someone who proofreads the fic

Bookverse – means that the story takes only the books (not the films) from a given fandom into account; opposite of Movieverse

Canon – something that is set in stone in a given fandom. Generally everything that happened in the books, films etc. belonging to the fandom (although there are exceptions)

Challenge – when someone asks other people to write a story with certain plot elements

Challenge fic – a fic written in answer to a challenge

Chan – one or both characters in a relationship is underage (under 16 or under 18, depending on the writer)

Character Death – warning put when a character dies in a story. Usually applies only to the main characters. Sometimes divided into Minor and Major Character Death

Childfic – a story where a child character plays a major role

Con – short from consensual, a warning stating that all the characters having sex want it (i.e. are not coerced)

Crackfic – a story devoid of seriousness, humorous, silly

Crossgen – a relationship between characters belonging to different generations

Crossover – a story with elements from different fandoms

Dark fic – a story with torture, rape, betrayal etc.

Deaging – an adult character is turned into a child

Death fic – a story which has Character Death; often centered on its repercussions

Disclaimer – a header stating that the author of the fic does not own the characters

Double drabble – a fic exactly 200 words long

Drabble – originally a fic exactly 100 words long; nowadays, a fic anywhere from 100 to 500 words

Erotica – a story with sexual situations, but tastefully done

EWE – short for Epilogue What Epilogue?; a story which disregards the epilogue to the Deathly Hallows; Harry Potter fandom only!

Fandom – a universe in which fanfics can be set

Fanfic – a story set in an already existing universe (in a fandom)

Fanon – popular themes/ideas which originated in a fic, but are mistaken for canon

Femslash – a story which has two females having sex

F/F – see above

Fic – a story, short for fiction

Ficlet – a short fic, under 1000 words

Fixfic – a story that fixes something wrong (or seen as wrong) in the canon

Flame – a negative, hurtful comment, with no positive value

Fluff – a humorous, happy story

F/M – a story which has a male and a female having sex

Gen – a story without sexual situation (although it may contain pairings)

Genderbender – a story where a character changes sex or when one’s sex is not defined clearly

Genderswap – a story where two characters swap gender

Gray – neither good nor evil

Het – see F/M above

Hurt/comfort – a story which has a traumatizing situation happen and then the victim being comforted. Often, „comfort” really means „sex”

IC – short for In Character. The character behaves as it should according to canon; the opposite of OOC

Incest – relationships within family (mother/son, father/daughter, siblings, cousins)

Jossed – an adjective meaning that an idea, theory was made AU by the later decision of the author of the fandom

kink – a particular wish, situation in an erotic fic

Lemon – a sexual situation happens in the fic, shown explicitly

Lime – a sexual situation happens, but is not shown explicitly (i.e. fade-to-black, off-screen)

Mary Sue – an ideal female character, impossibly beautiful and successful, unnatural. Trying to avoid this often results in Anti Sue

Mentorfic – the main character is either mentored or is a mentor to another

M/M – a story which has a male and a male having sex

mpreg – a story which has male pregnancy

Movieverse – a story takes into account only the films and not the books of a given fandom; the opposite of Bookverse

MWPP – an acronym for Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs (the Marauders); a story featuring them; Harry Potter fandom only!

Nextgen – a story featuring the children of the main characters of a given fandom

Novel-length – a long story, as long as a novel is

Non-Con – a story with non-consensual sex (a character is raped or forced or coerced)

OC – short for original character; a character invented by the author of a fic, not present in the canon.

OFC – short for original female character, see above.

OMC – short for original male character, see OC.

OOC – short for out of character. The character behaves in a completely different way to the canon; the opposite of IC.

Oneshot – a story that has  a single chapter only

Original Fiction – a story that is not a fanfic – i.e. that is written in an universe created by the author of the story itself

OTP – short for One True Pairing; a pairing that a given author supports wholeheartedly

Pairing – two characters that are in a relationship. Denoted by using their names or initials separated by a slash („/”), or by using a portmanteau of their names. Sometimes the initials are not separated as all. Sometimes an „x” is used instead of a slash

Plot bunny – an idea that sticks in a writer’s head and refuses to leave until the story is written

POV – short for point of view

Pre-series – a story set before the action of the books or films central to the fandom

Post-series – a story set after the action of the books or films central to the fandom

Pre-slash – a story which does not have slash per se, but introduces its possibility

PWP – short for Porn Without Plot or Plot What Plot; a story with no plot, just an erotic scene

Rating – an indication of the age of an intended viewer or reader

Rec – short for recommendation; a short text written by a reader, intended to make more people read a given story

R&R – short for rate and review

Round Robin – a story written by several authors, every chapter by a different person

Severitus – once a story written in answer to a particular challenge; nowadays, every story which has Severus Snape as Harry Potter’s father; Harry Potter fandom only!

Sevitus – a story which has Severus Snape as Harry Potter’s father, but not fulfilling all the requirements of the original Severitus challenge; nowadays largely merged with Severitus; Harry Potter fandom only!

Ship – short for relationship; see pairing

Shipper – someone writing stories about a given pairing or ship

Shipping – writing stories about a given pairing or ship, supporting it

SI – short for Self Insert or Self Insertion; a story which has the author present in it

Slash – a story which has characters of the same sex in a relationship. The name comes from the slash used in denoting pairings

Slavefic – a story which has a character being a slave to another character

Smut – an erotic story

Songfic – a story written to a particular song

Spoiler – revealing the later part of the plot of a story

Squick – something that makes the reader uneasy, grossed out

Summary – a short text describing what the story is about, usually no more than 250 words

Superpower – a given character has unnatural, unusual powers for a given fandom

Threesome – three characters in a sexual situation

UST – short for Unresolved Sexual Tension; a story which has a character pining after another, desiring another; sometimes the character is not even aware of it

WAFF – short for Warm and Fluffy Feeling; see fluff

Warning – a note mentioning everything that might make the reader stop (pairings, slash, BDSM etc.)

WIP – short for Work In Progress

Vignette – a story focused on a character’s feelings, experiences or thoughts

Xover – short for Crossover (see above)

Yaoi – from Japanese, male slash

Yuri – from Japanese, female slash


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