Comparison of various D&D editions

Things 3e did well:

1. Skills
2. Class variants
3. Removing level restrictions
4. Multiclassing
5. OGL
6. Rule 0

Things 3e did not do well:

* Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards
* PrC bloat
* Feat bloat
* Save-or-die or save-or-suck
* Polymorph
* Teleportation
* critical misses and critical successes
* Levels, attributes scaling indefinitely
* Some classes in too many forms (Clerics vs. Favored Souls)
* Wealth by level
* Encounter Level

Things 4e did well:

* Healing surges
* 1/2 level – no long tables to study
* Powers for everyone
* Paragon Paths
* No cross-referencing when it comes to monsters
* STR or CON, INT or WIS, etc. choices
* Unique monster powers

Things 4e did not do well:

* Interrupts
* Rituals
* Lack of OGL
* Too many too small modifiers
* Changing the alignment system
* Too many core races
* Too little stuff not related to combat

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