Dark Magic ch8

A week later Lily was woken up by raised voices. Severus was arguing with a man. She got dressed quickly, wishing she had her wand. She went down to the dining room – Severus and the man were arguing in an adjoining room. The door was slightly open.

‘Professor… you realize it’s an official interrogation?’

Severus Snape nodded stiffly. Lily could see the speaker was wearing Auror robes.

‘Well’ a sigh ‘it took me some time to determine you’re still alive, sir, and you’re probably the only person that can shed some light on the matter’

‘What matter?’ Sev asked icily.

The man coughed.

‘My mother’s grave was desecrated…’

‘What?!’ Severus exploded ‘What the-’

Lily wondered for a moment who the Auror’s mother was.

‘I’m sorry’ the young man said quietly ‘but it’s the truth. You are the only man alive that has known her well, sir. Who could have done it, Professor?’

‘No one’ Snape said ‘that is, I cannot imagine anyone who could have done it’

‘Meaning?’ the Auror said, his tone a bit sharper ‘Nearly twenty years have passed… nineteen, to be exact’

Lily felt like she couldn’t breathe. Nineteen years. It couldn’t be a coincidence. Did she sleep so hard that she was declared dead…?

‘Lily Evans Potter has been dead for nineteen years’ the Auror repeated. ‘And you, sir, are the only person that can help me’

‘Go to hell, Potter’ Severus said angrily.


‘Go away. I’m not going to talk to you, Potter. Especially not about Lily’

Another sigh.

‘Well, fine, let me ask: who “my sleeping beauty” is?’

Severus opened his mouth and then closed it. Lily could see his expression change.

‘No one. What rubbish is it, Potter?!’ he exclaimed finally.

The young Auror looked at him carefully, extracting a vial from his robe pocket.

‘If it’s rubbish, I think you’ll consent to the use of Veritaserum, sir. Modified so that no antidotes work…’

Snape looked at the boy as if he were holding a poisonous snake. He pressed his lips together and did not reply.

‘Do you refuse, sir?’

Severus nodded stiffly.

‘Then I am afraid I must arrest you, sir’

Snape took a step back, but Harry was faster.


The Potions Master jerked suddenly when the scarlet ropes bound him. Lily saw in his eyes… fury? She saw him free one of his legs and kick the boy… She realized suddenly that the boy was her son!

‘Ron!’ her adult son barked.

Another Auror walked out of the shadows – a red-haired man, the same age as Harry who was standing next to him… the same age her little Harry was. Together they managed to subdue Severus, who was flailing like mad. When the redhead was ready to lead the prisoner out, her son said:

‘Ron, tell my wife she was right’

‘I will’ the man smiled ‘but I thought you were not supposed to drag my sister into this…?’

Severus stared at both Aurors. Lily heard him utter the name ‘Weasley’.

‘Right’ her son smiled, flashing a wedding ring on his finger ‘Ginny. Take care of him, and I’ll search the hovel’ he pushed his companion slightly.

Lily could not think clearly. Her son has just arrested Severus! What will he do when he sees her? She hid in a cupboard no one has used in a long time. Her little Harry was married! And if the redhead was Ron Weasley – whom she remembered as an infant in his mother’s arms – then Molly must have been pregnant with his sister when she’d last seen her… in 1981.

She could hear the young Auror’s footsteps. Her son was very thorough in his search. It seemed he has taken nothing – maybe the Aurors will let Sev go free when they understand he’s innocent? The footsteps became closer.

A tug on the handle. A pause. Harry tugged again, and again. Finally the door was opened and her hideout was flooded by light… Her son issued the light from his wand. The woman forced herself to remain motionless. She could see his green eyes close by, like a reflection of her own. Suddenly his hand shot forward.

The young Auror tugged her outside. Lily’s legs did not support her and she crashed to the floor. The next instant Harry was pointing his wand at her and his eyes were narrowed dangerously.

‘What were you doing there?’

‘I heard Sev arguing with someone… I got scared…’

The man looked at her with suspicion.

‘Will you consent to the use of Veritaserum?’

She bit her lip, thinking of Severus who’d refused. She nodded and she let the Auror – her son – place a few drops on her tongue. The man waited several moments for the potion to start working, and then he asked.


‘Lily Evans Potter’

Her son’s eyebrows arched upwards.

‘Are you aware this is impossible, ma’am? It’s an official interrogation, right now in the function of a witness, but…’

‘My name is Lily Evans Potter’ she repeated without hesitation.

‘How can you prove it?’

‘I was born on 31 March, 1960. My sister is Petunia Evans Dursley. I have known Severus’ she pointed her chin towards the dining room ‘since my childhood’

The Auror stared at her suspiciously.

‘Tell me then, ma’am, what is your Patronus?’

‘A doe’

‘Your husband’s?’

‘A stag’

‘Who is Padfoot?’

‘Sirius Black, a friend of my husband’s and my son’s godfather. An Animagus, a black dog’

The man’s expression softened somewhat.

‘Why did you stop being friends with Severus?’

‘He called me a… Mudblood’ her voice wavered at the memory, she had to force herself to utter this awful word.

‘In what circumstances?’ the Auror’s gaze never left her.

‘James- thought it would be fun to use Severus’s own spell on him. He levitated Severus overhead, his head down, he wanted- he wanted to humiliate him. He managed it. I did not immediately go to Sev’s rescue, and he… he snapped’

The man’s eyes widened. He lowered his wand.

‘Who was the real Secret Keeper in Godric’s Hollow?’

‘Peter was. P-Peter must have betrayed us… otherwise V-Voldemort wouldn’t have been able to…’ she was not able to finish and she burst into tears.

‘You said you heard me talk to Severus?’

‘Yes, yes, I did’

‘Do you know who I am then?’

Lily was speechless. She had expected the question. She swallowed, twining her fingers nervously. The Auror waited.

‘Harry…’ she whispered ‘You’re Harry James Potter, my son. The Chosen One. You’re twenty years old. Severus said you’d finished the war. You look exactly like Sev said… It’s just- just I remember you… being a child!’

She reached with her hand toward him, but withdrew it immediately.

‘Let’s assume it’s the truth… even Professor Snape wouldn’t manage to fool this Veritaserum… What are you doing here?’

‘Sev woke me up. He said I’d been sleeping all those years’

‘Where did you wake up?’

‘Here, in one of the rooms. Severus must have been taking care of me for a long time – everything was prepared: my clothes, personal effects…’

‘What’s the last thing you remember before waking up?’

Lily’s lips trembled when she heard this question from her son’s mouth.

‘V-Voldemort had killed your father… He demanded th-that I move aside…’ she couldn’t finish, she started to cry.

Her adult son rubbed her back awkwardly.

‘Do you remember what had happened further back?’

‘Yes. I have no holes in my memory, except that sleep’ She swallowed. ‘What happens to Severus? Why did you arrest him?’

Her son looked at her, his eyes piercing.

‘For now, we’ll keep him for forty-eight hours, we’ll ascertain his role in the situation… Do you know who “my sleeping beauty” is?’

‘I have no idea’ Lily shook her head with frustration, too much was happening, too many questions she did not know the answers for.

‘You’re free for now. For your own good, I’d prefer if you didn’t leave this house. Until we explain it somewhat’




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