Stellar Frontier 2.0 wishlist for next revisions

1. A variable death effect (image) would be nice. A single image is a little repetitive. I liked the old 1.2 ball of fire.

2. Arcean System, Drengi System, First Invasion and Sirius System being put back in

3. Change the startup screen so that it doesn’t ask about the Nexus (it fools newbies into thinking the game REQUIRES you to be online to play offline)

4. Emperor renamed Lord and a rank of Emperor created at 750,000 prestige (half-way between the current Emperor rank and the Deity rank).

5. Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty setting, regarding AI behavior.

6. Warp the player to the starting point automatically upon victory (otherwise he’s usually surrounded by enemies immediately)

7. Autosave upon victory

8. Shuffle „summon all available lower rank pilots to join your fleet (high priority)” command to some other sequence of keys. Ctrl + Shift + j is a little cluttery, moreover it’s the only command that requires three keys to be pressed.


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