Stellar Frontier tropes

Always Chaotic Evil  – The Drengin

A Million is a Statistic – the game measures population in millions; if a colony has a population in thousands it’s practically worthless

Arbitrary Headcount Limit – especially in the older versions, where there could be only 36 players (in other words, up to 35 AIs) due to engine limitations

Artificial Stupidity – Destroyers decloaking right in front of you. Whole fleets attacking a Starbase one after one.

Awesome but Impractical – Starbases. No q-drive and very low speed.

Planet Terra – Obviously, the Terrans come from here.

Proud Warrior Race Guy – the Arceans.

2D Space – Obviously, as it is a 2D game…

Respawn Point  – next to your race’s home planet.

Color-Coded Armies Type I – Drengins are green, Terrans are gray/blue and Arceans are yellow.

Holler Button – Press ‘J’ to get AIs to come to you

Squad Controls – fleet commands.

Stat-O-Vision – targeting computer.

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