Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition wishlist

1.      More plot in Throne of Bhaal

2.      Timeline plotholes fixed (such as the game being set only 11 years after the Time of Troubles and the character stated to be 20 years old in the Candlekeep prologue)

3.      The issue of Gorion’s letter from BG 1 vs. Alianna’s story from ToB

4.      A romance (other than Anomen) for female characters

5.      ToBEx tweaks and fixes included

6.      Mazzy a paladin

7.      Druids not limited to True Neutral

8.      Cleric kits


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4 responses to “Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition wishlist

  1. Brilchan

    6 & 7 not really possible because they will be still using AD&D mechanics. + making Mazzy into a real paladin would ruin her back story
    I do agree witch 1,2 and 4. Don’t really care about the others

    It would be nice if they give us some more quest’s they could include the whole Irenicus redemption idea (they probably won’t but it would be awesome if they did!)

    • Irenicus’s redemption is not likely to happen.

      BTW there’s a mod which does exactly that…

      You’re right about Mazzy, however, a difference in terms of Alignment between Jaheira and Faldorn would be a good idea.

  2. I hope for more plots/side quests all over the game, not only in Throne of Bhaal.
    What I wish for most: Baldur’s Gate III, made in the same spirit and atmosphere as the first games, with controlling a group, top-down view, massive quests and so on 🙂


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