Fic recs – FF net. – Pt. II

There’s an amazing, prolific author of stories set in the Baldur’s Gate fandom. His works are characterized by close attention being paid to Realmslore.

Of course, I mean Blue-Inked-Frost.


Some of his works include (in alphabetical order):


Avarice and Independence

A story of Kagain. Brilliantly written, reconciles book and game lore and Realmslore. One of the best stories in Blue-Inked-Frost’s profile.


Caught in Your Web

A try to reconcile the story of Centeol from BG1 with the story of Jon Irenicus presented in BG2. Has Jon Irenicus/Ellesime and Jon Irenicus/Tanova and, of course, unrequited Centeol/Jon Irenicus. The scene at the end has Jon Irenicus/Bodhi vibe, so slight incest…


Chosen of Tempus

Explores the backstory of Branwen of Tempus. Lots of Realmslore, as usual, and brilliant depictions of Tempus and Red Knight, and the clerics.



What happened to Branwen after the events of Baldur’s Gate 1? Slightly departs from Realmslore, though.



Valygar, Aerie, Dynaheir and the Gorion’s Ward named Feyvel bring Minsc’s bones home. Brilliantly written, including a lot of Rashemen-related Realmslore.


On the History of Curly-Haired Bards

What if Garrick was evil? A brilliant AU one-shot.



My personal favorite of all writings of Blue-Inked-Frost’s. It is an AU to BG2 in the sense that Khalid lived. It has Khalid/Jaheira, of course, and features both a backstory (what happened before the Baldur’s Gate saga) and what happened later. Brilliantly written. A cameo by Gorion and Alianna. The Gorion’s Ward is little seen here, though.


Phandalyn: Shape of a Paladin

A one-shot exploring a minor character from Baldur’s Gate 1.


Rashemi Mountains

Imoen, Minsc, and Jaheira travel to Rashemen. Imoen is Minsc’s witch. Features brilliant Realmslore and ghosts-of-the-past. One of the best stories of Blue-Inked-Frost’s I’ve read.



One of the best stories.  Xzar and Montaron free Viconia from prison (around the time of Baldur’s Gate 2). AU in the sense that neither Montaron nor Xzar die. Has an awesome pairing…


The Fine Art of Intra-Party Warfare

Khalid and Jaheira on one hand; Xzar and Montaron on the other. Anyone who has ever played Baldur’s Gate 1 knows what happens. Brilliantly written, as always, with lots of information on both the Harpers and the Zhents.

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One response to “Fic recs – FF net. – Pt. II

  1. Hello Zireael,

    Thank you very much for your feedback! I’m incredibly flattered that you like my stories. I found this via Google and it was amazing to see this page. I hope we’ll continue seeing each other around on FF.Net–I value your words and your opinions. 🙂


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