About demonic children

About demonic children


Hi Primer, are you new in Sigil? You must have noticed that there are demonic kids in the streets. The locals do not pay them any attention, but you are staring. What’s so interesting about them? The wings? The scales? No one is suprised by them in the City of Doors. I’ll tell ya simply, berk – no one cares if your mommy was a daemon. And while I’m a’ it, me da was from the Lower Planes too.


Don’t make such a face, thickskull. ‘Tis the truth. He was ‘n incubus. What, ya don’t know what it be? It’s a guy daemon who likes his women. There’s also the succubi – the other way ‘round, women who like their men… and sometimes they also reach further. No wonder many demon-blooded are descended from them… Their looks make much berks lay their selves down at ‘heir feet. The girl you were making moony eyes at – the one with the wings – is almost fer sure a half-succubus. Or a half-erynae. She’d look the same, either way.


But ‘tis not only the pleasure devils who can have kids… Why are ya so red now? I’ve knowed a blood whose mam was a marilith. He had a scaly tail and an additional pair of arms, but was a nice guy. He swung his swords so fast ya couldn’t follow them with your eyes. But, but, ‘gainst what they say, the mariliths are not only chics. I’ve seen a guy once. His name was Verin, they called him the Voice of Graz’zt. Are ya well, man?


An especially thick berk with a flat nose and horns on ‘is head? His da was probably a goristro demon. Those critters are not too intelligent. Most of ‘heir kids are a result of rape. Just like their dads, they cannot cooperate with others. They can just serve in an army, being outcasts everyplace else.


You’ve probably met critters who were half-glabrezu, too. They’ve got a couple of pincers, sooo huge. Wings and scaly skin, too, ‘course. They are also quite huge, just like their da. I wonder how their mams survived tha’… unless ‘twas the mam who were a demon.


Half-balors look similar. Their skin is a lil bit more red, but tha’s the difference. They got claws, scales and wings. Like half-glabrezu, they often got impressive size and muscle.


Now tha’ ‘m talking ‘bout the denizens of the Hells, I’m gonna keep to them. The children of horned, bearded and bone devils usually inherit the devil’s feature. I don’t think I got to explain it further. I haven’t heard ‘bout a half-ice devil, though.


A Primer I once met was a demon-blooded un, but he called hisself something else. Methinks their elves got to like the demons, if ya know what I’m talking about. Sun elves, not drow. They mixed themselfs so nice ya can’t tell which demons were the parents. Ryvvik mentioned nalfeshnees, vrocks and glabrezus.


And if I mentioned the drow, you must have met a draegloth once. No? He’s hard not ta notice. The three metre tall guy has two pairs of arms, dark skin and a white mane of hair. You askin’ what it is? A kid of a drow female and a glabrezu. One is sitting just over there. Bet you wouldna like to annoy him. He’s got some wicked claws.


The dark elves reproduce with yochlols – the servants of their power, too. These berks look a little… blurry. Liquid. They can also turn into different forms. Ya wouldn’t wish to anger them or their mommas. They got quite a set of skills.


You’ve probably noticed, too, that the drow like spiders. This should lead ya to the next logical choice. Yeaah, bebilith. I saw an elf once whose mam was bit by a spider demon. Guess what she look’t like. She was so lithe and her hair was acid green. They say she spit poison to boot.


I haven’t yet mentioned other explosive mixes. The tanarrukks for example. The orcs from a Prime Material Plane mixed their selfs with nalfeshnee demons. I dunno how much truth be in this. The berks look like I’d think their dad was a hezrou. And they stink.


In that party, you are gonna find a durzagon too. ‘Tis a kid of a powerful demon (don’t make me guess what kind) and a duergar. He’s got a red beard and looks rather like a normal gray dwarf. ‘Course, he’s more powerful than ‘hem – I bet he’s a kinda leader of his people. Where’s the trap, ya ask? Many duergars don’t even ken they were… hmm, visited… by a demon.


This critter? ‘Tis not a satyr, berk, he’s a half-armanite. If ya ever meet his da, don’t compare him to a centaur. The demon will be pissed – and he can fight, I can tell ya. Back to the guy –he got a horse’s legs and tail and a humanoid’s body.


Ya ask what demons can sire kids? Nearly all. Most have the necessary “equipment”… or can change their shape. Not to mention most can change their gender to boot. You pick. The offspring will inherit the parent’s true qualities. ‘Tis like with the half-dragons. An’ other half-demons can be created by magic. I won’t go into it – brr, I’ve heard of a half-shadow demon.


I’d’ave forgot – the demons can breed with nearly anything, not only humanoids. They avoid only the mindless vermin and animals. So ya can meet half-demons everywhere. I’ve seen a gargoyle…and a sea hag… and a kraken… and a displacer beast… I could expand the list into infinity.


Some archdevils also got mortal kids. This Graz’zt, for example. He had many women, and I wouldn’t have resist for long if I was them… At least two o’ his offspring are known. Athux is half-drow, half-demon and leads the Dark Prince’s armies. His half-sister Thraxxia serves as an assassin. Ya wouldn’t want to meet these two. Especially when there’s a third of them. ‘Tis Iuz. Yeah, the blood who started a war on one of the Primes. He also became a power.


‘Tis the end and I’m gonna tell ya about a really interesting mix. Demons and celestials can breed, too… Ya don’t believe me? Look, here’s a concordant killer. His ma was a celestial, his da was a devil. Go ask him, berk, if ya that disbelieving. Wha’? Hey! No fainting here, man, or ya’ll be the next meal of someone’s dad!


–         Faerl, the „Children of Lower Planes” inn

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