Features of my ruleset

Main features:
– use of d6
– point buy to determine attributes
– point buy to create character (somewhat like L5R)
– lack of levels
– saving throws as in D&D
– attributes as in D&D, but replaced by the modifiers
– HP representing the character’s stamina
– action points instead of the minor/move/full-round
– body parts specified for damage as an optional rule
– ‚advantages’ bought for XP
– XP given by the DM as he wishes
– some of the more powerful ‚advantages’ require ranks (a certain number of XP has to be spent earlier)
– no criticals, no random damage dice
– no spell failure
– changed armor check penalties
– advancement paths for given classes
– completely remade skill list
– use for every attribute
– non-combat advantages exist
– tweaked item and equipment prices
– every class (fighter and magic-user to use the AD&D terminology) uses the same system
– every class has access to manevuers (a bit of a cross between Tome of Battle and 4e)

– using manevuers (whether they be spells or not) requires you to be in your deity’s favor
– XP price for some potentially unbalancing spells (scry, teleport etc.)


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