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Barely had the War of the Five Kings started when Tywin Lannister killed the Young Wolf Robb Stark in personal combat on 16 November 299 AL, gaining the title of ‘Kingslayer’. The war, however, did not end, as the Northern forces still continued to fight the combined might of the Lannisters of the Westerlands and of the Crownlands. The war was long and drawn out and only ended in 305 AL. Only then did Brandon Stark, the third of his name, ascend to the position of the Lord Paramount in Winterfell.

Tywin Lannister died only three short years of peace later. His young wife, Arya of Horgrasp (whom he married believing her to be the missing Arya Stark), had not borne him any children. Tyrion ‘the Imp’ immediately upon succeeding his father married the woman to Rickon Stark, still believing her to be the missing Stark girl and believing it a grand jape.

Upon becoming Lord Paramount, Tyrion was already married to a Leonette Wensington, a daughter of a rather low-ranking family. It is not known what possessed him to marry her. She has borne him three children – a son and a heir, Rollam, born in 303 AL and thankfully free of the ailment which has bothered Tyrion; a second son Martyn born in 313 AL and of a dwarfish disposition; and a girl named Emma born in 318 AL. Tyrion also had a short-lived daughter named Elenya, a result of his short affair with his kinswoman Cerenna Lannister.

Luckily, Tyrion was wiser in arranging his son’s marriage than his own. From the age of 11, a daughter of Willas Tyrell and a then-heir to the Reach, Rhonda, was promised to wed Rollam. The marriage came through in 320 AL and soon afterwards, a child was born of the union. Unfortunately, it happened to be a daughter. Even more worrying for the Lannister plans, Willas named his nephew’s son Denys his heir. From the age of 20, Rollam was called the Harmless Lion. In 324 AL, Rollam and Rhonda had a son, Sebaston.

The young king of the Iron Throne, Joffrey Baratheon (or more precisely, Lannister), was slain in November 310 AL when putting down a rebellion of some minor lords. He was succeeded by a daughter he got on his wife Sansa Stark – Roelle, who would be a child queen. She managed to suppress the rebellion, with a major help from the Lannisters. Eleven years later, she would also triumph over the Iron Islands, completely on her own.

Sansa Stark remarried immediately after Joffrey died. Her new husband was Tommen Lannister, a full brother of her deceased king and a Lord of Dragonstone. She bore him four children, one of whom died in childhood.

A bastard son of Robert Baratheon, one Edric Storm, married Melisandre of Asshai and got a daughter on her.

In 321 AL, Stannis Baratheon waged war on the Iron Throne. However, he lost several battles at the beginning of his campaign. Queen Roelle, who was 15 at the time, instructed her troops to siege some of the more important areas of the Stormlands. And then, on 15 August, Stannis was killed in a relatively minor combat and the war ended, since his successor was his 15-year-old granddaughter Mina, a daughter of Shireen Baratheon. Melisandre of Asshai, the Master of Whisperers of Stormlands, was appointed Regent, however she would only rule for a year until Mina came of age.

Soon afterwards, Mina came of age, whereupon she married the heir to Dorne, Theodan, son to Quentyn Martell. His mother was an illegitimate daughter of Oberyn the Red Viper. She was not, however, the only one of Red Viper’s 7 daughters to marry someone in the family. Her sister Elia did fall in love with Trystane of Dorne – Quentyn’s brother, married to Myrcella Lannister – and bore him a daughter Tyene Sand.

Theodan and Mina had a son Quentyn, who died just days shy of his first birthday. Later, Theodan took a concubine named Nymella, who bore him a daughter Elinor in 332 AL.

In 326 AL, an elderly Tyrion became friends with his onetime lover, Cerenna Lannister. Melisandre of Asshai died in the beginning of this year, whereupon Edric Storm married the Queen Roelle Lannister herself.

Tommen Lannister, the Lord of Dragonstone, died on 26 June 327 AL. Barely a month had passed before his son Alaric challenged his half-sister’s rule, hoping to gain Stormlands. By the end of February next year, Alaric was in prison and Roelle Lannister still ruled.

Lord Hoster Tully was imprisoned soon afterwards by a 12-year-old Lord Paramount Denys Arryn, son of Robert Arryn and grandson of Lysa Tully.

When in 331 AL Denys Tyrell, the heir to the Reach, died in mysterious circumstances, Loras Tyrell, known as the Knight of Flowers, became the heir. Two years later, it came to light that Martyn Lannister was not the son of Tyrion at all, but a bastard. Tyrion hastily disinherited him and arranged a marriage with a woman from the Vale, wanting to get rid of a dwarf.

In 335 AL, Tyrion arranged his daughter Emma’s marriage to Jon Tully, the heir to the Vale and the Riverlands – however, all the children would be Lannisters. This did not go through, however, when Jon came of age.

In 337 AL, the elderly Lord Paramount granted his son and heir Rollam the Lordship of Deep Den. A year later, on 1 April, Tyrion Lannister passed away and Rollam became Lord Paramount. In the end of this year, Alaric Lannister called Rollam for help in his war against Mina Baratheon. The war was a disaster for Alaric, although Rollam had initial successes. Then a minor lord revolted and Rollam was forced to make haste to King’s Landing. To make matters worse, in 340 AL his daughter Melesa died of natural causes at the age of 20.


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