A Game of Thrones mod wishlist

Robert’s Rebellion
– Events for the Tower of Joy firing for other people besides Rhaegar and Robert or Ned

A Clash of Kings
– Give Daenerys a trait to explain her low fertility.
– A chance for Renly to survive the ‚shadow baby’ event.
– Doran Martell in bookmarks

General suggestions
– try combining AGOT buildings minimod and Syren’s culture buildings mod? Syren’s mod works by province culture and not ruler culture -> will be done, says the team
– working friends and rivals system
– maybe get rid of vanilla trait removing events or make them fire only in special circumstances
– bastards shouldn’t get claims on titles higher than LP-tier (no Edric Storm or Mya Stone as LPs or worse, the Kings of the Iron Throne) -> only removing the father would do the trick, the team says
– A higher stat limit for the courtier job-plots. And a much higher MTTH.
– lore events for other famillies than the Starks

– Children born to a lowborn mother or father could have a bastard-esque trait that gives them prestige and opinion maluses.

– relationships between dynasties
– the head of the dynasty being able to criticize a kinsman’s marriage or force him to divorce, like Tywin did with Tyrion
– being able to forge your own ‚Valyrian Steel Sword’ (for now, without a unique name)


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