Crusader Kings 2 wishlist

What I want:
1. A loyalist faction
2. Cardinals and papal election

3. Popes being chosen from existing characters

What I already wanted:
3. Dynasty based scoring system taking nicknames into account
4. Geographic or cultural preference for AI expansion
5. More cultural military buildings
6. Reasoning behind voting in elective
7. Abdication -> done by mods and partially by the suicide decision
8. Summaries / history files
9. Reducing guardian culture change chance, increasing province culture change chance
10. Random count/duke/king at game start
11. Autopause for notifications
12. Bribe/marry the invader to avoid losing land
13. Better filtering in marriage/council screens
14. HRE not able to go above Medium Crown Authority if AI
15. Sending old ladies to a convent
16. 1 yo not ‘favoring himself’ in an Elective succession
17. Lower opinion influence on the number of levies
18. Mediating between fighting vassals
19. Granting independence
20. Nerfed Mongols
21. Hostages system
22. Free Prisoner CB -> done in CK2+
23. Promises and honor points
24. More actions for the council
25. Sending envoys with requests
26. Clickable highlighted text in messages
27. Assassination cooldown and increasing cost
28. No “desires better alliance” with courtiers


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