Aegon AAR

In 0 AL, Aegon Targaryen landed on the shores of Westeros, with his dragon Dracarys and his two sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys.

In 3 AL, the Stormlands conquered. It took two more years (5 AL) to beat Dorne.

In 8 AL, the Iron Islands were subjugated. The remaining kings – of the North, of the Rock and the Reach – all bent their knees to the new overlord. Aegon I came to be called the Conqueror… Soon afterwards, he built the Iron Throne and became the first to sit upon it. Aegon chose the Dragonstone to be the ancestral seat of his house and stayed true to his Valyrian religion. He soon started building in Blackwater Bay.

On 15 January 15 AL, two plots succeeded – Lord Paramount Harwyn I of the Iron Islands died from an assassin’s knife; and so did Lord Paramount Argilac I of the Stormlands. Argilac was succeeded by his possessed daughter, who died exactly a year later.
One might see Argilac the Arrogant’s fate as divine retribution for his crimes, including killing his own father-in-law, Prince Quentyn of Dorne in 7 AL and later executing his own wife, Obara of Dorne in 14 AL.

Aegon arranged two marriages for his sons with well-bred women of Westeros. However, as soon as they were granted land, they disregarded their royal father’s wishes. Prince Aenys, Aegon’s firstborn – who was 5 when his father first set foot in Westeros – was always of a sickly disposition and died at the age of 25, never having married.

Maegor, who was 2 in 0 AL, thus became the heir to the Iron Throne in 20 AL, at the age of 22. His father created for him the title of the Lord Paramount of the Trident.
Aegon I had another son, Qoherys, born in 7 AL. He was granted the lordship of Dragonstone upon coming of age and soon came to be known as ‘the Mad Dragon’. He never married either.

Orys Baratheon, a bastard of Aemon Targaryen and therefore an illegitimate half-brother of Aegon I, fathered a son with his Valyrian wife and then went on to marry Princess Myrcella of Dorne – the daughter of Argilac the Arrogant and Obara of Dorne – around 25 AL. Their three children – Otherys, Syaella and Jaekar – for reasons unknown to the person writing these words, would be known as ‘of Essos’, despite being High Valyrian and of Valyrian religion.

King Aegon the Conqueror died on 28 May 25 AL and was succeeded by Maegor I Strongfire, the then Lord Paramount of the Trident. It was then revealed that Maegor had married a Valeman woman, and soon afterwards, two Crownlanders of Valyrian religion.

Two realms, the Rock and the Dorne, had started factions for independence and quickly gained it due to the fact that Maegor I did not wish for armed conflict.

Only a year had passed before the trio granted Maegor I his first heir – Princess Visenya Targaryen. A son, Gaemon, came a month later. In February 27 AL, Princess Rhaelinor was born. In August 28 AL, another living son, Maegor, was born, and in April 30 AL, Princess Rhaenys first saw the world. A year later, in April 31 AL, Prince Aegon was born. November 31 AL was the happiest so far for the Targaryens as two children of royal blood, Princes Daemon and Vaekar, were born in the space of two days. In 32 AL, another son, Baelor, was born. Princess Daenys was born in 34 AL and Princess Elaena in 35 AL.

Maegor had two more daughters who died in early childhood, and thus bid his time before arranging the children’s betrothals. Still, there are 11 living Targaryen princes and princesses. Prince Gaemon, the heir, was betrothed to Princess Rhaelinor; and Prince Maegor was betrothed to Princess Rhaenys in 36 AL.

The principal wife, Carellen, is the mother of Princes Gaemon, Maegor and Vaekar and Princess Elaena. Queen Marya is the mother of Princesses Rhaelinor and Rhaenys and Prince Daemon, while the other secondary wife, Queen Mary, is the mother of the rest of the royal children, including two girls – Rhaelle and Saenrys – who died in childhood.

In 35 AL, Maegor arranged the marriage of his aunt Rhaenys and the mother of both his half-brothers to Aemon Baratheon, the firstborn son of Orys Baratheon. Orys himself died three years later in a suspicious accident.

In 40 AL, Maegor arranged for Prince Aegon to marry Princess Elaena in the future.

In 41 AL, Lord Paramount Orton I died in an accident at the age of 22. Only a few weeks later, Rhaenys Targaryen, the last of the first generation of Targaryens in Westeros, died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 61. She was predeceased by her first son, Otherys, who died a natural death at the age of 15.

In 42 AL, Rhaelinor married Gaemon and was already pregnant when the Lord of Harrenhal suggested to King Maegor that she is a bastard. King Maegor was understandably furious when he realized the worshippers of the Seven were trying to undermine Targaryen rule. By August, Rhaelinor has given birth to a son, named Gaemon for his father.

Starting in 41 AL, the Reach has changed hands quickly, with no ruler lasting more than a year in the period of four years.

In 43 AL, King Maegor gave his eldest daughter Visenya to Lord Rolland, the heir of the Stormlands. Two years later, he arranged a marriage of Prince Daemon to a Lady of the Vale. Three years later, one of the King’s secondary wives died. In the end of the year, a marriage of Prince Vaekar to the Lady of the Stormlands was arranged.

In 48 AL, Princess Rhaenys gave birth to a daughter named Rhaena and the King revoked the Dragonstone titles from the lords who got them, in order to give them to his troublesome son Aegon, whose wild dragon burned down Blackwater Bay repeatedly. Aegon was granted Blackwater Bay and the king kept Dragonstone to himself, thus moving the capital. Soon afterwards, the king sent away a troublesome courtier who tried to plot against Queen Carellen.

At the end of 49 AL, Prince Daemon’s wife bore a son, who was named Jaehaerys. In February next year, the marriage of Prince Baelor and Princess Elaena was announced. In May, a son was born to Prince Vaekar, named Otherys. In 50 AL, Queen Carellen died of stress.

In the beginning of 51 AL, Prince Daemon had twins, named Daemon and Daenys. Soon afterwards, the black sheep of the family, Prince Baelor (the only one to venerate the Seven) also had a child – a daughter named Rhaelle.

In 55 AL, Queen Marya died. In 56 AL, Lord Paramount Ronnel the Talonless of the Vale died.
In 59 AL, King Maegor led the troops into field for the first time in his reign – to crush a minor lord who escaped arrest. Alas, he died a few days after the campaign started.

Maegor Strongfire was succeeded by Gaemon I, who was forced to grant Trident and Stormlands independence a few days later. By December, the Reach had seceded too.

In 60 AL, Gaemon had the first reason to celebrate – his wife-sister had given birth to a longed-for daughter, Daella. Therefore, he arranged a match between his niece Rhaella and his son and heir, Gaemon. The King’s half-brother Aegon soon became known as ‘the Suspicious Dragon’, as he tried to get himself on the throne but could not garner enough support.

In 65 AL, Aegon the Suspicious Dragon died in a suspicious accident, ironically enough. In the same year, Daemon finally married his twin sister Daenys. Princess Daella was promised to Daemon Velaryon, a son of the Hand of the King. Prince Otherys was promised to his daughter, Rhaelinor Velaryon.

In 66 AL, the marriage of Prince Otherys became true and the royal couple celebrated the birth of another son, named Maelys. Visenya Targaryen’s son Gerold became the Storm King.

A year later, a betrothal of his older brother Jaekar to a niece of the king was announced. Hand of the King Daemon Velaryon was also granted the High Lordship of Acorn’s Ridge. In the final month of the year 67 AL, a son named Vaermon was born in the royal family. Vaermon was betrothed as an infant to Dyaella of Essos.

In the end of 68 AL, Maegor of Blackwater Bay, the son of Aegon the Suspicious Dragon, died in a suspicious accident at the age of 7, leaving Blackwater to his 4-year-old brother Baelor.

King Gaemon I died in 69 AL at the age of 42. People linked his death to a mysterious ritual years earlier, which left him maimed. He was succeeded by his errant, Faith of the Seven-venerating son, Gaemon II. The new king quickly arranged the marriages of his two daughters – one was to marry Prince Melwyn of the Rock and the other, Prince Ormond of Dorne. Within a few days, Daemon Velaryon demanded independence. The King of the Iron Throne now controlled only a single province outside of his direct demesne and had no manpower which really counted.

In 70 AL, Gaemon II started trying to reassert Targaryen dominion in the Crownlands, starting with the independent lordlings. A few weeks after the campaign started, his uncle Daemon Targaryen died from sickness.

In 71 AL, shortly after Gaemon II won the war, his wife bore him another daughter, Rhaenys. In 72 AL, another girl, Alearys, was born. A few months later, an illegitimate son Daemon was born from the king’s brief tryst with a Targaryen relative. The boy was immediately betrothed to his trueborn sister, Rhaenys.

In 73 AL, the King subjugated Attadale, Woodmere, Sharp Point and Massey Hook without war. Bywater was conquered by force. In 74 AL, as the King was contemplating his next target, his first trueborn son, Gaemon, was born. Most of the realms Gaemon II took an eye to surrendered without a single fight. Only Sweetport Sound decided to make a futile stand. In the middle of this campaign, in 75 AL, another son, Maelys, was born from the King’s dalliance with his cousin, Princess Daenys. Alas, in September, Gaemon the heir died.

In 76 AL, King Gaemon II used the fact that Trident was ruled by a 9-year old and subjugated it without a single battle, restoring the Iron Throne to a higher rank. A month later, the Vale followed suit. When the King went away to do battle with the Iron Islanders, he received news about another daughter, named Allyria.

In the end of 77 AL, the King’s sister had her first son, named Daemon for his father, Daemon Velaryon. Half a year later, the heir, Princess Rhaelinor, married Prince Melwyn of the Rock.

It is worth noting that the line of succession of the Iron Throne went thus: first was Princess Rhaelinor, second was Princess Rhaena and third was Princess Rhaenys.

In 79 AL, shortly after the Iron Islands were subjugated, Prince Baelor of Blackwater Bay surprised the King with his request to marry Rhaelle the Laughing Dragon, a Targaryen female long barred from marriage due to her venerating the Faith of the Seven. To make matters worse, Rhaelle was 13 years her husband’s senior! And on top of this, he also married his 20-year old sister Alysanne. Soon afterwards, Rhaelle bore him a son named Aegon.

In 80 AL, the Storm King, the son of Visenya Targaryen, died in suspicious circumstances. A few weeks later, King Gaemon II had another daughter, this time named Saenrys.

In 81 AL, the King arranged a marriage for his younger brother Jaekar; and also for his illegitimate son Maelys, whom he betrothed to his trueborn sister Alearys. Princess Allyria was betrothed to the 9-year-old Storm King. In the end of the year, Princess Visenya, the wife of the King’s brother Jaekar, bore her first child, named Jaehaerys for his true father.

In March 82 AL, the King’s brother Maekar had his first son, named Qoherys. In October, the King gained another nephew, this time from Vaermon, named Baelor.

In January 83 AL the Lord Paramount of Iron Islands died, leaving the post to his 7-year-old daughter Grisella. The King quickly seized the chance and arranged her marriage to his brother Maekar.


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