Tales of Cathair Cothrom – Solamh

Solamh Mian Lan, 15 Jan 825

Solamh lazily ran a hand through his long silver hair while staring at a woman his servants brought in. The girl – a commoner – was naked, and the only striking feature in her common looks were her brilliant green eyes. The nobleman furrowed his brows when he saw some of the servants reach and grope the elfwoman, who tried to cover herself.

‘Leave her’ he growled and his brown eyes glittered dangerously.

The servants withdrew hastily. Solamh Mian Lan used the occasion to get a better look at the girl. Her hair was of a common color, dark brown, but her face was quite beautiful. Probably that was the reason she was brought to him.

‘What is your name?’ he asked, pressing a knife to her throat in case she tried to run away.

‘Liosa, my lord’

He smiled. For some reason, he liked the name. Or was it her eyes? He shook his head and looked in the elfwoman’s face, at the same time undoing his vest trimmed with silver-and-gold thread.

Trust me. It will be pleasant for you – he thought. He saw Liosa relax – a sign that it worked. It was not the first time he used the abilities granted to him by the blood of the house Mian Lan. He threw the knife aside and then slowly undid the studded belt and the loose trousers he wore slid to the ground.

The girl seemed not to notice this, her gaze was still fixed on the nobleman’s face. Solamh approached her and gently touched her cheek. Liosa jumped, visibly taken by surprise. He smiled at her and then took her firmly.

The woman stared at him, her eyes big, but did not resist. He heard some footsteps by the door. He shifted nervously, wondering whether it was one of his siblings.

‘Scream’ he hissed to the girl.

Liosa did as he ordered. Solamh heard a few vulgar comments and then the footsteps grew more distant. The man rubbed his partner’s nipple with his fingers and heard her sigh. He hesitated for a moment – after all, she was a commoner, what did he care about her pleasure? – and then did the same to the other breast.


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