Aegon AAR II – AGOT 0.3.2

0 AL: Aegon lands on the shores of Westeros with his sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, and with his dragon. He crushes several minor lords in the Crownlands. War with the Stormlands starts.

30 June, 2 AL: Orys Baratheon, a bastard of Aemon Targaryen and thus an illegitimate half-brother of Aegon I, has a daughter named Rhaena.

30 May, 3 AL: Aegon has a daughter, named Dyaella.

March, 4 AL: Stormlands finally subjugated – the decisive blow was dealt when Argilac was imprisoned in a successful siege on Storm’s End. Aegon I declares war on Dorne, which is torn by a civil war.

May, 4 AL: King Aegon orders building projects in his demesne.

24 August, 4 AL: Aegon I has a daughter named Rhaenys.

1 June, 5 AL: Princess Rhaenys dies.

20 November, 5 AL: The building projects in King Aegon’s lands are finished.

17 February, 6 AL: Prince Quentyn of Dorne is taken captive in Godsgrace. The war is won.

20 February, 6 AL: The King declares war on the Iron Islands, ruled by a 4-year-old. A minor lord in the Crownlands rises up in arms.

26 February, 6 AL: Harwyn Hoare of the Iron Islands surrenders. Visenya is sent to pacify Crackclaw Point.

28 February, 6 AL: War declared on the 9-year-old Queen of Mountain and Vale.

23 April, 6 AL: Velena Velaryon, the Queen Mother, dies.

1 August, 7 AL: Queen Jonnela of the Vale is captured in the Eyrie.

3 August, 7 AL: King Aegon I declares war on the Reach, due to the fact that King Mern IX is imprisoned by one of the lords. Troops are raised in the Crownlands due to the fact that some 4000 men of the Reach are standing on the border.

17 November, 7 AL: By this date, the war is practically won – King Aegon has crushed two 10k Reachmen armies and taken two provinces.

13 April, 8 AL: The Reach finally surrenders. King Aegon I is now known as the Conqueror.

21 April, 8 AL: The North surrenders without a single battle.

26 April, 8 AL: The Lannisters of the Rock decide to fight. Prince Maegor is betrothed to Lady Lynesse of Whisper Point, his sisters being too young.

13 July, 8 AL: Prince Aenys is betrothed to Lady Marei of Sweetport Sound.

7 September, 8 AL: A daughter named Daenerys is born to the king.

7 December, 8 AL: The Rock is subjugated.

11 December, 8 AL: King Aegon I moves the capital to the Blackwater Bay, which shall be known henceforth as King’s Landing.

8 January, 9 AL: Princess Obara of Dorne becomes the ruler of Dorne.

12 November, 9 AL: Lord Paramount Loren I of the Rock defeats Damion I of Castamere and takes the title from him.

10 March, 11 AL: Brandon IX of the North, also known as Lord Paramount Brandon I, dies in the dungeons of a minor lord at the age of 11. Thus, the only living Stark is Brandon Snow, an illegitimate son of father of Lady Paramount Jonnela of the Vale.

15 March, 11 AL: Prince Aenys is granted the High Lordship of Harrenhal.

26 March, 11 AL: The Stormlands gain independence.

5 April, 11 AL: Limited Authority Law passed in the realm.

11 April, 11 AL: Princess Daella betrothed to Lord Paramount Skyte Hoare of the Iron Islands.

10 May, 11 AL: A daughter of Vhagar the Greatheart is betrothed to an Ironborn lord who somehow has a Valyrian sword.

12 May, 11 AL: Rodwell Bolton is made Lord Paramount of the North.

15 May, 11 AL: Lord Paramount Mern I of the Reach demands further lowering of crown authority.

1 June, 11 AL: A lowborn widow of Torrhen I – and mother of the deceased Brandon IX – is sent away to marry Brandon Snow, his illegitimate brother, who is heir to the Vale.

4 January, 12 AL: A match is arranged for Rhaena Baratheon, a daughter of Orys Baratheon. Her husband-to-be is a Reachman lord.

10 July, 12 AL: Princess Daenerys is betrothed to Aerys Qoherys.

8 October, 13 AL: The King gets a second dragon egg.

20 January, 14 AL: Prince Maegor is granted the Lordship of Dragonstone.

2 February, 14 AL: Daeron Baratheon, Orys’s son, is to marry a Reachwoman.

10 June, 14 AL: Prince Maegor is not happy with his position as Lord of Dragonstone. He wants a different succession law in the Iron Throne.

23 June, 14 AL: Lady Arianne of Bywater is set free after Lord Paramount Mern I intercedes on her behalf.

25 June, 14 AL: Prince Aenys, the High Lord of Harrenhal, dies of poor physique at the age of 19.

26 June, 14 AL: Only a day after he became heir, Prince Maegor decides he is pleased with the current law after all. The King legitimizes Orys Baratheon.

20 July, 14 AL: Work starts in the King’s Landing on new fortifications.

24 July, 15 AL: Obara of Dorne executes her own father, Prince Quentyn of Dorne, a month after she defeated him.

16 September, 15 AL: The Reach and the North demand independence. Curiously enough, Dorne, who was the instigator, doesn’t defect.

1 February, 16 AL: Daemon Velaryon, the Lord of Driftmark and cousin to the king, dies a natural death.

24 February, 16 AL: Orys Baratheon marries Daena Velaryon, the daughter of the deceased Lord of Driftmark.

18 April, 16 AL: Vhagar Greatheart dies a natural death.

26 October, 16 AL: Argilac the Arrogant dies of an infected wound. He is succeeded by his grandson from his daughter, Merrell Gardener.

29 November, 16 AL: Obara of Dorne sends envoys north with the message that she wishes to become Orys Baratheon’s third wife. She is accepted.

10 June, 17 AL: Princess Daella marries Skyte Hoare of the Iron Islands.

28 April, 18 AL: The king orders the expansion of the Red Keep.

9 December, 18 AL: Skyte Hoare forces his father-in-law to institute Elective Succession in the Iron Throne. Much squabbling follows. Prince Maegor, who was the heir, immediately starts a faction to institute primogeniture again.

11 January, 19 AL: A son named Qoherys is born to the king.

4 June, 19 AL: The lordship of Harrenhal is granted to Daemon Velaryon.

4 February, 20 AL: Rhaenys Targaryen dies a natural death.

6 April, 20 AL: Prince Maegor’s wife gives birth to a son, also named Maegor.

28 June, 20 AL: Daeron Baratheon marries the Reachwoman.

25 August, 20 AL: A son is born to the king.

30 September, 20 AL: Maegor, supported by Obara of Dorne, convinces his father to institute primogeniture…

2 October, 20 AL: … and starts a faction to institute seniority…

28 October, 20 AL: Daeron Baratheon is granted a castle.

26 November, 20 AL: Maegor thinks better of his newest idea and decides primogeniture is better.

6 January, 21 AL: Daella Targaryen gives birth to her first child, Harwyn Hoare, the Lord of Iron Islands.

20 January, 21 AL: The King decides to start building a fleet in King’s Landing.

22 January, 21 AL: The fortifications are finally expanded in King’s Landing.

4 March, 21 AL: Jorrelle of the Vale dies and is succeeded by her 6-months-old son Eustace Arryn, who has the Ice, having inherited it from his mother, who got it from her second husband Brandon Snow, the last of the Starks.

21 September, 21 AL: Aegor Velaryon is granted the High Lordship of Harlaw Hill.

12 March, 22 AL: Jonnela, a lowborn widow of King Harren the Black, is discovered plotting against Princess Daella Targaryen.

16 August, 22 AL: Skyte Hoare is imprisoned by King Aegon for failing to carry out his orders regarding Aegor Velaryon. The King promptly sends him to the Wall, where the erstwhile Lord Paramount dies a day later. 1-year-old Harwyn Hoare, Daella Targaryen’s son, becomes Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands.

3 September, 22 AL: Prince Maegor offers to marry his sister Daella upon her return from the Iron Islands.

8 September, 22 AL: Daeron Baratheon has his first daughter, named Alyce.

15 October, 22 AL: Princess Daenerys marries Aerys Qoherys.

6 December, 22 AL: Prince Maegor has a daughter named Elaena with his first wife.

21 January, 24 AL: The building of the fleet in King’s Landing is finished.

16 April, 24 AL: Prince Maegor and Princess Daella celebrate the birth of their first child, Prince Haegon.

3 May, 24 AL: Orys Baratheon dies in a suspicious accident.

6 July, 24 AL: Prince Maegor has another child with his first wife, a girl named Daenerys.

14 January, 25 AL: Qoherys Targaryen is betrothed to Cyeana Velaryon.

16 May, 25 AL: Prince Maegor has a daughter with Daella, named Visenya.

7 July, 26 AL: Princess Daenerys bears a son named Jarmen.

23 September, 26 AL: Prince Jaehaerys is betrothed to Alysanne Velaryon.

24 February, 27 AL: King Mern IX of the Reach dies and is succeeded by Storm King Merrell.

11 April, 27 AL: Building is finished in King’s Landing.

7 April, 30 AL: Princess Daenerys gives birth to her first child, a son named Baelor.

30 July, 32 AL: Prince Jarmen is betrothed to Daena of Nimmark.

9 November, 32 AL: Prince Maegor was granted the High Lordship of Dragonstone.

26 November, 32 AL: Prince Baelor is betrothed to Arianne of Claw Isle.

23 November, 33 AL: Queen Visenya Targaryen dies. King Aegon is now the last of his generation. The widowed king quickly finds solace in the arms of Visenya of Harrenhal.

9 January, 34 AL: King Aegon subjugates the High Lordship of Duskendale without a single fight.

1 June, 34 AL: Prince Qoherys marries Cyeana Velaryon.

16 September, 34 AL: Prince Jaehaerys married Alysanne Velaryon.

24 January, 35 AL: Eustace Arryn of the Vale dies and King Aegon inherits the Vale.

27 January, 35 AL: Prince Qoherys is granted the High Lordship of the Eyrie.

1 February, 35 AL: King Aegon the Conqueror dies in his sleep at the age of 62 and is succeeded by Maegor I. It is revealed Maegor had married his 10-year-old daughter Daenerys.

27 March, 35 AL: Queen Daella Targaryen is called ‘the Mad Dragon’, justly so after her wild dragon burned King’s Landing.

22 June, 35 AL: Lord Matarys of Driftmark becomes incapable.

7 July, 35 AL: Princess Visenya is betrothed to Lord Paramount Harwyn I of the Iron Islands, son of Daella Targaryen. The union is expected to become true within months.

15 July, 35 AL: Lord Matarys of Driftmark dies.

21 July, 35 AL: Prince Haegon is betrothed to Rhaeys Velaryon of Harlaw Hill.


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