Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – summary

Real enhancements

– action icons on portraits

– new scene of Gorion’s death

– colorful rings underfoot

– being able to change the colors of the equipment

– zoom

Mixed feelings

– new GUI

– Black Pits

– new characters – Dorn Il-Khan, Rasaad yn Bashir


– no graphic options

– no voiceovers (does not apply to the English language version)

– hang-ups at rest [multi]

– bugged dialogues of Rasaad (fixed in build 2009)

– Dynaheir’s quest doesn’t work

– giving orders twice

– no icon for full backpack

– no broken weapon icon

– less enemies (fixed in build 2010)

– no fog of war in some locations

– some cutscenes don’t work (fixed in build 2009)

– removed some movies


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