A Targaryen mini-AAR

I started as Rhaegar of Dragonstone again. On 16 April 286 AL, Rhaegar became the King of the Iron Throne after his father, King Aerys ‘the Mad’, was killed in a personal combat by Hoster Tully. Alas, King Rhaegar ruled for 3 months only before he was killed in personal combat on 12 July by Eddard Stark.

He was succeeded by his son Aegon VI, who was only three years old at the time. His mother, Elia Martell, became Queen Mother and Regent for her child. It was her who managed to rally more troops to the Targaryen cause, lengthening the war and giving her son hope of actually ruling the Iron Throne; it was her who arranged Rhaella’s second marriage to a Valarr Hill, a bastard of the Sarwyck family, in hopes of keeping Rhaella busy and away from the affairs of the kingdom.

When the regency for Aegon VI ended in 297 AL, the War of the Usurper still raged on. Aegon married his sister Rhaenys and won several battles. It seemed the war would finally end… However, Aegon was killed in the beginning of 298 AL on the orders of his grandmother Rhaella, who became the next Queen. She probably hoped to pass the kingdom to her younger son Maelys, born in 289 AL to her and Valarr.

The War of the Usurper lasted for a year short of twenty and ended in 305 AL. Lyanna Stark was soon afterwards freed to go back to Winterfell. She never married again and had no heirs.

It was Viserys Targaryen who inherited the kingdom after Queen Rhaella died peacefully in 304 AL, remembered as the one who imprisoned Robert Baratheon and ended the war.

Both Rhaella and Viserys have had to deal with minor wildling invasions, but fortunately, no megawars.

In 318 AL, Viserys granted the Lordship of Dragonstone to his younger brother Maelys. Maelys had managed to father two children, one of them dead in childbirth, despite his difficulties.


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