Kinsa Rha’s diary

A/N: A result of quite short acquaintance with the SW Combine. I stopped playing due to lack of time and lack of action.


Year 12, Day 130      My father, Nat’sec Rha, is dead. So is my mother, Arruna. Was it my mother’s former owner? Or someone completely different? No one seems to know anything. It seems I shall have to leave Ryloth to find the answers I am looking for…

Year 12, Day 150 6:40 I arrived at Falleen. I hope to find some employment here.

Year 12, Day 151 6:00 I found an employment and a person wishing to train me.

Year 12, Day 151 7:00 I have finished the first test sent my way.

Year 12, Day 151 11:25 I finished two more tests. I hate theory. I’d very much prefer practice. I can’t find who killed my parents when I’m filling in the forms, can I?

Year 12, Day 152 03:50 I finally caught up to the people I’m supposed to command as a practical exercise, after nearly three hours of chase around the city. I’m exhausted! What’s worse, they don’t seem to like me…

Year 12, Day 152 7:00 I got a tip saying that I should visit Yellow District on Falleen, should I wish to buy something. Its ground coordinates are (5,4). I checked the map – it’s in an ocean nearby. What luck that Falleen is temperate – I won’t be damaged by its environment!

Year 12, Day 152 15:10 Still no change. They don’t want to take my orders. I’m one step away from throwing it all out and looking for my instructor’s ship.

Year 12, Day 152 00:10 Why did my instructor decide to arrive at the turn of the day, I do not know. But it is good to see the ship.

Year 12, Day 153 02:20 I’m waiting onboard for our next lesson.

Year 12, Day 153 6:45 The Twi’lek Head Clan has been true to their word – they sent me a X-ceptor.

Year 12, Day 153 12:10 I boarded the ship I was sent for training and left to collect some other ships. I hope I return safely to Falleen… It’s my virgin trip.

Year 12, Day 153 12:30 I made my first jump into hyperspace. Learning the controls of the ship is not hard. Arriving safely at the destination is.

Year 12, Day 154 10:00 I arrived safely at my destination – Kanopis. I’ve got some more ships to collect and then I have to take a return trip to Falleen.

Year 12, Day 155 2:58 I’ve finished another theoretical test.

Year 12, Day 155 6:40 I made a jump to Falleen. Let’s hope I arrive safely.

Year 12, Day 156 9:30 I’m back in FFC Falleen 06 01. That means I’ve got only one practical test left to do. In addition, I checked the coordinates of my new X-ceptor. The dratted ship is somewhere in the Trax sector, Entrus system… Navcomp says the travel would take 7 days, 15 hours, 20 mins. I don’t fancy flying all the way just to pick it up.

Year 12, Day 157 7:50 I’ve arrived in Yellow District. Nothing to see there. No shopkeepers. I’ve posted an offer at the organization’s holo.

Year 12, Day 157 8:40 I’m going back to FFC Falleen 06 01.

Year 12, Day 157 10:10 I have to pick „FFS Academy 4” up and head to the Spica system. After that, please head down to Spica system and head to the Shipyard IV FFI Spica Naval Yard and take 6,153 units of varium from there. Then I have to let Sir Adel Hosny know. And then I am to  head to the Zebitrope system and report here.

Year 12, Day 157, 23:50 I have boarded “FFS Academy 4”. I have to leave the shuttle behind.

Year 12, Day 157, 23:56 I have got circa 2 days and 5 hours of hyperspeed travel ahead of me. Time to get busy in Holocron.

Year 12, Day 160, 6:50 I threw an idea of speeder racing. By the way, I arrived in Spica system. I’m heading towards the yard now that I found it. Too many of them yards.

Year 12, Day 162, 7:30 I jumped into hyperspace, heading for Zebitrope, after picking the Force-damned valium.

Year 12 Day 166, 7:15 I arrived in Zebitrope, only to find that my new escorts are on the other side of the system.

Year 12 Day 170, 8:35 I picked up my new ship, the FFS Epimetheus, and four builders.

Year 12 Day 172, 13:30 I arrived at the Depot, and took the materials required.

Year 12 Day 175, 0:15 I arrived at the place I am to build something. I’m off to check the blueprints.

Year 12 Day 175, 10:35 I am to build three offices, in the ground pos (7,4) to (10,4).

Year 12 Day 183, 7:00 I finished building the offices. Finally.

Year 12, Day 189, 7:05 I think it’s time to stretch my legs a bit.

Year 12, Day 201, 4:00 *yawn* I’ve finally graduated. But I shouldn’t spend so much time hibernated, I possibly look like a fright. Well… let’s get it done. Dean Velocio was so nice to send his communications fragmented, so that I didn’t have to do everything at once.

Year 12, Day 349, 03:30 Unloaded most of the RM at the shipyard at Rintonne. Going back to Rintonne planet for the remainder, then I can start building the Quasar…


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