Hardcore DX mod readme

Main Features:


1. Single-Player game with new and old enemies on 4 different difficulty levels:

A/ Easy: 30-room inventory, high damage resistance;

B/ Classic: classic DX inventory, normal damage resistance;

C/ Realistic: 9-room inventory (that’s mean you can carry only 9 items plus the key ring), low damage resistance. This is the most realistic (and probably the hardest) difficulty level with modified music settings;

D/ Unrealistic: new Player class, HUD, music settings, better „machinegun support”, infinite inventory, no skills, no augmentations. A true and classic FPS where you play not a rookie, but a highly trained professional, but your enemies are also skilled combatants and they’re hard to defeat.

2. New Multiplayer with tournament-style bots, 4 game-type and offline feature.

3. Totally rebuilded weapons with primary and alternate firing modes, 3 new weapons with new meshes.

4. Mounted weapons you can find during the game play.

5. Advanced key ring (key, lockpick, multitool and melee weapon in one).

6. Modified AI which is now able for some kind of advanced combat tactics; tons of new and old enemies on every level.

7. A lot of new augmentations like Levitation, Telekinesis, Hologram System, Teleportation, etc.

 1. Single-Player game.

 I. Augmentation system, energy bar.

– The augmentation system is modified and the most of augmentations drain energy only when needed. Here comes the description of the new and old augmentations:

1/ Aqualung – drains energy only underwater;

2/ Bullet Time (ex Ballistic Protection) – Max Payne and Cheaser-style augmentation, drain a lot of energy. Please note, that you can’t slow down the bullets with this augmentation, because this mod was not build around this feature and therefore I don’t even wanted to recode every instant hit weapon for augmentation which you might even not choose because of a tons of other interesting stuffs. But rather than slowing down the bullets you can, for example, can kill a heavy enemy while he’s moving slowly to turn to you;

3/ Cloak – make you invisible to any hostiles, turrets, cameras and laser beams;

4/ Telekinesis – You’ll be able to interact with the surrounding environment (pickup items, use switches, hacking, etc.) at longer distances by pressing the “use object in the world” button. Drain energy only when you press the use button and the object with which you want to interact is present;

5/ Aggressive Defense System – drains energy only if the projectile is fired at you;

6/ Teleporting Spy Drone – by detonating the drone, you’ll be teleport to the drone location. The drone is able to cross through doors;

7/ Levitation – you’ll be able to fly with this augmentation;

8/ Equipment Recharger – this augmentation recharges your armors, goggles and rebreathers and drain energy only, when the recharge is needed;

9/ Regeneration – drains energy only when actually heal;

10/ Synthetic Heart – don’t drain energy, but increase the energy drain of all active augmentations;

11/ Light – now you can upgrade this augmentation if you want a brighter lighting;

12/ Muscle Strength – Muscle Strength + Combat Strength, drains energy only when actually used;

13/ Power Recirculator – don’t drain energy and reduce the energy drain;

15/ Electricity Attack system – a kind of Jedi style augmentation;

16/ Speed Enhancement – drains energy only when you move;

17/ Run Silent – drains energy only when you move;

18/ Targeting – nothing new;

19/ Life-power Gainer – it is a DXIW-style augmentation. You’ll be able to gain extra health from corpses and double from not dead bodies. Drain energy only when “use” the dead body and your health is under 100%.

– The energy bar indicate your current energy, the default value you start with is 100 and the max value 850, so you don’t need to recharge your energy very often;


    – Faster reactions for NPCs;

– The AI also can use the alternative fire mod for weapons;

– Some of the NPCs can communicate and call for help if needed;

– During combat the smarter NPCs calculate the difference between their health and weaponry and the enemy’s health and weaponry and try to retreat and use cover (but don’t even imagine a retreating military robot!);

– About 9-10 new NPCs added;

– Some of the enemies can duck.

III. Inventory items.

    – Pickups like ballistic armors work like a classic armors and don’t need inventory space;

– The tech-goggles and the thermoptic camo now has the on/off feature (assign this functions in the keyboard/mouse menu), the thermoptic camo can hide you from turrets, beams and cameras too;

– The bioelectric cells first charge your system until it reaches the max value, after that they come to your inventory and you need to activate them manually;

– The cigarettes stop the poison effect and incapacitate your foes like the gas grenade. I know it’s not very realistic, but at least it’s something new and funny.

 IV. Turrets.

You can scramble the turret to make it attack your enemies without hacking the computer.


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