Aegon the Conqueror AAR

1 Dec 8000: Aegon declares war on the Vale.

7 Aug 8003: Prince Aenys is bethrothed to Daella Velaryon.

8 Oct 8004: Vale is finally defeated, when the Eyrie is taken. War is declared on the North.

16 Oct 8004: The North surrenders. King Torrhen Stark is now known as ‘the King Who Knelt’.

25 Oct 8004: Aegon the Conqueror moves his capital to Blackwater Hill, which is now known as King’s Landing.

2 May 8007: Gyles Tyrell dies in a suspicious accident at the age of 9.

1 Oct 8008: Vhagar the Greatheart is murdered.

15 Feb 8010: Lord Paramount Loren I dies and is succeeded by his son Tommen Lannister.

23 June 8010: Prince Aenys and Daella get married.

4 Oct 8010: Prince Aenys is granted the Lordship of Dragonstone.

11 Oct 8010: Prince Maegor is betrothed to Cyeana Baratheon, daughter of Orys Baratheon, King Aegon’s illegitimate half-brother.

3 Aug 8012: Prince Aenys celebrates the birth of his twin daughters, Princesses Aenora and Dyaella of Dragonstone.

23 Sept 8012: Velena Velaryon, Queen Mother, dies in her sleep.

8 Dec 8013: King’s Landing converts to Valyrian religion.

3 Mar 8014: Princess Daenerys of Dragonstone is born.

19 Mar 8015: Orys Baratheon is killed by rabble when trying to suppress a revolt. He is succeeded by his son, Aerion I.

2 Jun 8015: Quentyn of Dorne dies and is succeeded by Obara.

8 Apr 8017: Prince Baelor of Dragonstone is born.

4 Nov 8017: A son is born to King Aegon and Visenya and is named Daeron.

8 Nov 8018: Lord Paramount Vickon I of the Iron Islands dies and is succeeded by Rymolf Greyjoy.

19 Sep 8019: Prince Maegor becomes a Master-at-Arms in Vaith, Dorne.

1 May 8020: Claw Isle converts to Valyrian faith.

8 Dec 8020: Princess Rhaenys of Dragonstone is born.

12 Mar 8021: Prince Daeron and Princess Aenora of Dragonstone are betrothed.

17 Jun 8022: The Summer Islands invade Dorne SUCCESSFULLY!

5 Oct 8022: Prince Aegon of Red Dunes is born.

5 Oct 8024: Prince Aegon of Red Dunes arrives at his grandfather’s court.

29 Oct 8024: Prince Maegor returns to Dragonstone to become his older brother’s Master-at-Arms.

9 Nov 8024: Prince Rhaegar of Dragonstone is born.

5 June 8025: Lockport converts to Valyrian faith.

12 July 8025: Prince Aegon of the Iron Throne (formerly of Red Dunes) is betrothed to Allyria Celtigar.

17 Oct 8025: Lord Paramount Edwyn I of the Riverlands dies and is succeeded by his son Melwys Tully.

1 June 8026: King Aegon orders expansion of the Red Keep.

28 July 8026: Duskendale converts to Valyrian faith.

8 Dec 8026: Princess Rhaelinor of Dragonstone is born.

15 Dec 8026: Antlers converts to Valyrian faith.

5 Feb 8027: Prince Jaehaerys of Winwyrm is born.

7 Aug 8028: The King orders expanding of the Royal Fleet and the King’s Landing itself.

20 April 8030: Driftmark converts to Valyrian faith.

31 Jan 8031: Queen Rhaenys Targaryen dies a natural death.

23 June 8031: Matarys Velaryon, the King’s cousin and the Lord of Driftmark, is now known as ‘the Great’.

8 Oct 8031: The expansion of the Red Keep is finished.

25 Nov 8031: Prince Aenys of Dragonstone dies of poor physique. The new heir is his son, Prince Baelor of Dragonstone.

27 Dec 8031: Blackhaven converts to Valyrian faith.

5 July 8033: Prince Daeron asks to take the Black, but is refused. The King arranges his marriage to Daella Targaryen, Aenys’s daughter, instead.

August 8034: Prince Daeron is given Castle of King’s Gate.

27 September 8034: Ghaston Grey declares war on King Koroxhar the Conqueror for Princess Emberlei’s claim on Dorne. The Summer Islands rule the central part of the Dorne, while the rest is fragmented.

30 Mar 8035: Lord Paramount Melwys of the Riverlands dies, and is succeeded by his son Elmyn.

23 Apr 8035: Prince Baelor is now known as the Mad Dragon.

12 Jun 8035: Queen Visenya Targaryen is killed by rabble.

5 Aug 8035: King Koroxhar the Conqueror is killed by Timeon Vallyrion in personal combat.

10 Oct 8035: The King spends Visenya’s gold on expanding the Red Keep again.

17 Sep 8036: Princess Visenya of Dragon Gate, Prince Daeron’s daughter, is born.

12 Feb 8037: Lord Paramount Torrhen Stark dies and is succeeded by his son Brandon.

4 Apr 8038: With the previous war put down, a Lord of Red Mountains starts another war for Princess Emberlei, this time for her claim on Brimstone. Ghaston Grey is now part of 14-year-old King Tal’s demesne.

29 Aug 8038: The Royal Fleet is created.

12 Jan 8039: King Aegon marries his 20-year-old granddaughter, Princess Daenerys.

2 Mar 8039: Prince Aegon finally marries Allyria Celtigar.

15 Apr 8039: King Aegon orders the expansion of the Royal Fleet.


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