Game of Thrones Ascent

Disruptor Beam’s long awaited title has finally been made available on FB. So far it’s brilliant, apart from occasional glitches and bugs.


Długo oczekiwany tytuł studia Disruptor Beam wreszcie pojawił się na FB. Jak na razie jest znakomity, nie licząc paru drobnych błędów.


This is not only the first social game based on the events and characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, but it gives fans an opportunity to live the life of a noble within the world of Westeros – something that you don’t necessarily get to do by just watching the television. From what Disruptor Beam tells me, as a player you make political, military and economic decisions that impact others, as well as the game’s overall storyline.

– G.R.R. Martin


Review on Gamezebo




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