Game of Thrones Ascent FAQ

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Q: I want to change my avatar or my character name, how can I do that?

A: Currently the only way to change your name or character picture is to restart the game.

Q: How can I restart my character?

A: To restart your character, please take the following steps:

1. Click on Your Character icon in the top left corner
2. Click the Character Tab

3. Click the white button in the top left corner of the screen, next to the portrait


1. Click on Your Character icon in the top left corner
2. Click the Character Tab
3. Click “More” under Recent Activity
4. Click Menu
5. Choose Lineage
6. Click Restart Now

Q: Does it matter what gear is on my Lord, or should I put my best gear on my SS?

A: Your total Keep stats are accumulated by adding your building upgrades and your Lord or Lady’s gear.  When you go on a mission your SS stats are added to your keep stats for that mission, adventure or pvp action.
Q:When I train a sworn sword, I can choose between:
– Battle
– Trade
– Intrigue
– expertise (for example fight)
Which is better?

A: Currently when your Sworn Sword level up you can choose to either upgrade a trait stat, or give a job specialization 1%.

Trait Stat: 1 point to Battle, Trade or Intrigue. Doesn’t scale with keep stats, Will add to all three jobs (separately). Example: 1 to battle will add 1 to fight, harass or aid; when the action is taken.

Job Specialization: 1% to a specific job. Scales with keep stats, adds only to one job specialization. Example: 1% to Vanguard adds 1% of keep stats when defending or attacking with option fight. (This is great when you want to choose a Sworn Sword as defender)

Both are viable options:
Do you need immediate improvement? Choose the stat.
Do you want to plan for the long term? Specialize. (Note: SS don’t come with if you reincarnate.)

Q: How do your talent points and the gear/units you equip to your character affect quests/adventures?

A: You Lord’s gear and talent points (trait and fealty) apply to all missions and adventures. So you can get a pretty high % going if you focus your talents and your SS on the same things.

They are accumulated.

Stark Fealty   16% aid (8/8 unwavering loyalty)
Battle talent   24%  aid (8/8 direct route- attacking only)

Archers on hero 6% aid
Archers on SS   6% aid

All of these will add up (+52%) and be counted toward the mission/adventure for aiding.

Q: I have the higher number for the mission/adventure but I am still loosing what gives?

A: There is a formula involved for every mission, adventure or pvp action. The basic forumla is to take your number and divide it by the total number to get your % chance.

Lets say it is 16 vs 8.
16/(16+8)= 66.66% chance to win.

Q:What are marriage pacts, what do you get out of them and how can you cancel them?

A:Marriages an RP aspect of the game, functionally you should get a little bit of power and a wedding gift. (Pact gifts don’t have to be crafted, the game supplies them as a bonus for being pact-related)

To cancel them you will need to find the Lord or Lady you proposed to and go to their pacts and power tab. Then click cancel pact. (Upon reincarnation pacts will also be broken)

Many requests in the game will auto-cancel in a certain amount of time (I think two days)

Q:How many Sworn Swords (SS) can I have?

A:You can purchase as many SS as you can afford with your silver.  However, the simultaneous use of SS is limited by COMMAND POINTS (CP).  As your character advances in level he/she will gain a greater ability to command his/her Sworn Swords.

Q:How many Sworn Swords (SS) can I utilize at once?
A:Players begin with 2 COMMAND POINTS (CP) and get one additional COMMAND POINT every 5th level.  In addition, each of the great houses’ fealty talent trees has a talent for purchase that increases CP by 1.

Q: What are the building upgrades for exactly?

A:Upgrading your buildings:

1.Unlocks more items in the production area
2.Adds the bonus for that rank
3.Adds to your keep stats. (that is the sword/$ bag/spider)

The middle row requires 5 upgrades to unlock.
The last row requires 10 upgrades to unlock.

Q: What is the difference between Keep stats, Lord’s Stats and SS stats?

A: You keep stats are combination of background choice and building upgrades. Lord and SS stats change depending on the gear they are equipped with.

Your lords gear is counted for all missions, adventures, and pvp. (By adding to KEEP stats)
You Keep stats, Lord’s stats and SS gear are all accumulated in the middle section of a mission/adventure/pvp action to give you that final number and difficulty rating.

Q:What’s the difference between restart and reincarnate? What exactly stays with you??

A:The purpose of reincarnating is to keep the fealty building, and amass more power by doing the quests and rebuilding holdings and you get to finish fealty specific achievements.

If you restart you don’t keep any talent points. When reincarnating, you do.

You keep power, achievements, and any gold or PERMANENT gear.

If you go to lorebook->menu->lineage it will show a list of permanent items.

Currently you cannot reincarnate, and restarting has a few problems with gold/items.

Q: What is „alignment”? How do I increase it and where do I find it?

A: “Alignment” pertains to inclination of principles based on how you respond on situations given in a quest.There are three brackets:

Integrity: Truthful vs Cunning
Duty: Family vs Realm
Tradition:Old ways vs News ways

You can check on your alignment status on your “character” tab (it’s on the lower left of the window) by clicking on your avatar. You can hover your pointer on each icon to know more what each alignment means.

The strength of your alignment on each bracket is determined by the answers you pick in a quest. Notice that some of the options you can choose on a quest conversation have a particular alignment icon opposite the reply. Choosing an answer with an alignment gives you one point for the corresponding bracket bar. Each alignment starts at neutral(zero)with the pointer in the middle. For example, you chose a “cunning” reply. The pointer on the Integrity bar moves one point toward the Cunning icon. However, one “truthful” reply can drag the pointer one point to the other direction..and so the tug of war ensues within the game.


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    when i follow your steps to restart my game, nothing happens after i click menu or the white icon next to my potrait. why would you think thats happening?

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