Game of Thrones Ascent known bugs

A/N: List updated 9/03/2013.


Stuck Quests – what’s going on?

Bugs with workarounds

1. SS stuck on done/cannot be sent on adventures -> click on another SS

2. Counting House doesn’t register capacity upgrades -> improve Silver Bars

3. Village Center not producing items -> click on the item until it turns blueish, highlighted

4. Boss quest invites not sending -> use the URL provided

5. Buildings tab locked after being unlocked -> finish quests, go back to prologue part 1 and click claim title

6. First SS incorrectly displayed as on adventure ->follow the arrows, view the progress of the battle before it ends

Bugs mentioned in the above thread, with no real workarounds

1. Bread incorrectly states that it heals, instead of speeding up time

2. Fealty buildings not unlocking after the talent is trained

3. A marriage proposal cannot be canceled

4. Bonus quests not registering (includes: produce 20 wood, join an alliance, have friends help with a Boss Quest,

5. Boss quests not giving rewards if you leave the battle screen

Known issues

1. Alliance Members number listed as 10, even when there are in fact more.

2. SS stuck in the second mission in game

3. The ‚X’ button may overlap with the power leaderboard button.

4. No confirmation that a superior item will be consumed for crafting

5. Only the first friend request appears accepted, even though all are

6. Reincarnation is disabled

7. PvP doesn’t work as intended



1. Talents that provide a quicker return or faster performance, at the moment, appear to be broken.


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One response to “Game of Thrones Ascent known bugs

  1. Adanmanta

    I bought gold playing on disruptor through the iPad app, and it never downloaded 😦


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