Brainstorming an Underdark Roguelike

Basically, what I am also thinking about…
I wish modding a roguelike was as easy as modding Baldur’s Gate or Naev…

Rogue Wombat

I’m not sure what planet I’ve been living on that has not heretofore involved R.A. Salvatore books in my hands, but that has recently been settled.  A friend loaned me the first seven Drizzt books, and I’ve been blown away.  I love them – I love the pace, the cultures, the various types of conflict, and all the fun creatures Drizzt and company encounter.

As I read through these, I can’t help but think they have the foundations of a very fun Roguelike.  I’ve been giving it a little bit of thought and will brainstorm more before actually calling it a project, but I would love to see a Roguelike that takes place in the Underdark as presented in Salvatore’s books.  Searching around, I found one Roguelike from 8 years ago that started out with this foundation and then departed.   I honestly can’t figure out why you’d ever need to…

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