The Veins of the Earth BETA v.0.3.0


– monster skills & darkvision coded

– adjusted spawn rate for some monsters

– added drow and goblin


– no XP for monsters with CR < character level – 4

– limited encumbrance logging to the player only

– resting now takes longer

– saving throws now take the better of two stats (Dex-Int for Ref; Con-Str for Fort; Wis-Cha for Will)

– changed map generator yet again due to performance issues


– map fixes

– no more seeing others’ darkvision

– added human enemies

– Shadowdancer & assasin PrCs implemented

– new damage types added

– barbarian speed bonus implemented


– expanded skill descriptions

– added tips to the stat generator screen

– colored stat generator screen and level-up screen

– implemented Swim skill


– Mobility now requires Dodge

– armor spell failure chance implemented

– cannot cast spells if key stat is <= 9

– character sheet now displays feats


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