The Veins of the Earth BETA v.0.7.0




– fixed spell charge reset [Seb]


– increase log font size


– backgrounds (a la 13th Age or Iron Kingdoms) for quicker character creation


– UI fixes and improvements; moved tooltips for char screen and inventory screen


– increase font size in tooltips

– prevent game-breaking backgrounds

– new UI skin: old gold and black semi-transparent without shadows

– add missing space to half-elf names

– stop unintended bonuses at 1st character level

– fix Neutral Evil alignment name

– expand human race description

– fill out backgrounds; add Born hero (special background)

– Toughness works as intended

– casters gain new spell level every 3rd level [Seb and me]

– ‚animal buff’ spells (Bull’s Strength, Bear’s Endurance, Owl’s Wisdom et al.) complete with icons


– fix armor AC not being taken into account

– increase stag beetle rarity

v.0.0.16 (beta 3.1)


Full development log

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