The Veins of the Earth BETA v.0.8.0 „Swirling Red Potion”




– XP from descending & disarming traps

– limit skill check logging to player only

– gain spellcasting properly if you multiclassed from a non-casting class


– new spells: inflict X wounds

– adjusted some cooldowns


– Two Weapon Fighting penalties & feats & background


– added icons and code for future stealth

– random perks code (commented out because it works or not, randomly)

– apply uncapped feat bonuses on top of skill ranks


– new HUD display, now with bars (the HP bar changes color depending on the percentage of HP left)

– fix Spot skill

– Intuition now works on a single item

– ensure 1 damage unless Damage Reduction works

– rework death & dying to bring it closer to d20


– new spell: fireball

– re-added highscore stuff as T-Engine 1.0.5 is just round the corner

– added some code trying to get map events to work

– level feelings (based on monster CR for now)

– changed wait a turn keybinding and added it to controls screen

– added random naming for potions & scrolls


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