Veins of the Earth BETA 0.9.0 „Half-ogre with a spiked chain”




– humanoid NPCs given the Shoot talent

– added lockpicking kit, healing kit, survival kit

– spellbook now restricts charges [Seb]


– new monsters: aboleth, athach, choker, chuul, cloaker, drider, ettercap, otyugh


– innate spell-like abilities coded in

– random perks part 1: random feats

– trying to pick up an item where there are none no longer uses a turn [Seb]


– dialogs now obey screen size

– add missing keys to controls screen

– level-up screen now displays feat points, skill points, class points

– tooltips display weapon type (simple/martial)

– re-added a crash course to d20

– added a for prospective contributors


– fix spell descriptions and lua errors

– fix shoot lua errors

– reach weapons added with a talent & noted in tooltip

– fix fire beetle AC and color

– limit shoot/polearm talent feedback to the player

– made monsters bleed out quicker

– increase inventory size slightly

– implemented chasm & ice effects

– new monsters: aranea, arrowhawk, assassin vine, barghest


– shaders

– fix random freezes when trying to exit to menu

– adjust some ranged weapons

– feat select screen now has a scrollbar [Seb]

– spellbook now displays higher-level spells properly [Seb]


– fix lua error on drowning

– tooltips now describe magic item properties (except elemental resistances)

– fix bard skill points; assasin and shadowdancer not giving level-up bonuses

– fix class descriptions

– icons for blindness/deafness and summon creature I




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