Veins of the Earth BETA v.0.10.0 „Spells flying left and right”

Git link



– chat code added


– highscores working & enabled

– expand combat logs a bit


– you can now talk to some NPCs

– expanded skill check logging

– new rooms & additional stairs & swamp terrain

– helpful information in character creation

– character sheet now displays ALL classes you have

– fix eldritch blast lua error

– expand random feats list


– clerics can now turn undead

– point buy


– added a combat patch [lukep]

– fix druid skill points & dwarf fighter hp & drow cleric hp

– skill bonuses are now properly applied to skill checks; added them to log

– fix adamantine armor


– digging code

– sorcerer class

– wizards now choose a specialist school [Seb]

– light & heavy load in line with SRD; implement Loadbearer

– context menu on right-click

– highscores based on total kills

– adjust display so that it obeys screen size


– activable combat expertise & power attack

– fix feats not being available

– fix reroll button

– fix lava & drowning lua errors

v.0.10.0 „Spells flying left and right”


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