Veins of the Earth BETA „A thing of beauty” v.0.11.0

A/N: This time, trying out a new format for those blog announcements.


0.11.0 – 12/11/2013

  • bug fix: shadow armor lua error fixed [Seb]
  • bug fix: apply increased Str bonus to two-handed weapons
  • bug fix: chasm displays its proper name in tooltip
  • bug fix: hotbar no longer covers the log on some screens
  • bug fix: random naming for potions and scrolls now works properly
  • bug fix: you can no longer spend one more skill point per level than intended
  • TILES – using David Gervais 32×32 tiles with some new tiles made by me
  • new spells: identify; improved identify, mage armor [Seb]
  • new items: cursed items (bracers of clumsiness, potion of poison, potion of inflict light wounds and others); ring of darkvision
  • split feat dialog into 3 columns
  • add proficiency requirement to shields
  • adjusted magic item drops
  • Balance DC 15 or Jump DC 30 to cross a chasm
  • character sheet split into two tabs; skill breakdown as a table
  • containers
  • show message log screen finally works
  • hunger counter & food rations now work
  • multiclassing now requires 13 in core ability except for sorcerers and wizards, which require 16 in CHA or INT, respectively
  • cross-class skills are now coded and working



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