Veins of the Earth BETA „There’s a lot of monsters out there”

This version came out right in time for the T-Engine modules contest.


Module file




* bug fix: not being able to use the mouse in some parts of the map
* bug fix: map being covered by the log/HUD
* bug fix: cross-class code now checks for the last leveled class
* bug fix: encumbrance penalties no longer stack ad infinitum for some weird reason
* bug fix: no more freezes due to running out of potion flavor names
* bug fix: no more lua error on stack tooltip
* bug fix: all innate spells now have a cooldown of 5

*  player tile changes depending on his/her race and class (from 2nd turn onwards)
* new monsters: all monsters from SRD except demons, devils, dragons, lycanthropes, swarms & most animals which don’t fit the dungeon theme
* new classes: monk & paladin
* you can now name your character yourself and/or reroll the random name multiple times
*  loading tips added
*  lowered ice DC as a temporary solution to the „fall-lock”
*  water and stale foodstuffs are now edible
* more randomized magic items
* added feat description tooltips to character sheet
* added loading screen to module file
* added intro depending on player race

Play, vote and most importantly: don’t forget to leave feedback!


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