REPOST – Deus Ex clearances and day timeline



Written by Chris the Cynic, Added to and Edited by walton simons

The security clearances are based on the nine order angelic model and they are used by both UNATCO and MJ12. Angel/0A being the lowest clearance and the amount of clearance allowed raising with each level.

These are the only ones that appear in the game:

God (?)

Here is the full model:

God (?)

God Clearance

God is the theorized tenth clearance, and it is separate from the other 9 in that it doesn’t have a number letter combination. Further the UNATCO handbook mentions only 9 (not by name but you can figure them out.) Both Paul and Jaime mention God clearance, and that is in response to the existence of a killswitch and the phrase of a killphrase. It is still debated within the community whether Paul and Jaime are speaking literally or figuratively.

„You’ve got to have God clearance to… to know… The nanites can be programmed for exponential growth.”
-Paul Denton

„Well, here’s some God-clearance information for you. Dug it out of classified medical records before I left. Gunther’s killphrase is „Laputan machine”.”
-Jaime Reyes


Grigori are (were) the tenth order, they fell out of the liking of god when they taught people the art of magic and had sexual relationships with human women.Their half-breed kids are called Nephilim which could lead to a new clearance as well.


Day By Day Timeline


Written by Chris the Cynic, Edited by walton simons

Ok here’s the deal:

The short version:
Day 1 = New York = Friday
Day 2 = Hong Kong = Saturday
Day 3 = New York, Paris = Sunday
Day 4 = Vandenberg, Area 51 = Monday

Little note: We know that it started on Friday because of Dr. Moreau’s notes, and the password email on Alex’s computer. When JC gets to Paris on Sunday it says that the events on Liberty Island took place „last week” this is true because they took place on Friday, and the paper came out on Sunday.

Long version:

From when you get to Liberty Island to when you leave it for Hong Kong is one night.

Further from when you have your killswitch activated to when you reach Hong Kong is 12 hours, from then to when you meet Tong is another four hours.

Now it gets more interesting
At 19:38 (7:38) There is an explosion and a helicopter flying East to West. This is Jock when he blows the doors.
At 20:10 (8:10) There are reports about you asking questions.
At 21:13 (9:13) You enter Versalife.

Why is this interesting? Well because you enter Versalife 1 hour and 35 minutes after arriving. Now there is a four-hour difference between arriving and talking to Tong, meaning that there had to be at least a four-hour difference between arriving and talking to Tong. That would imply that either it was 23:13 (11:13) or 0:13 (12:13) In the first we assume an error by rounding of 25 minutes or more. In the second we assume either a rounding error or transit time. It could also be 22:13 with extreme rounding error.

What does this tell you? Well most likely Versalife is operating on a different time it is daylight savings time when the game takes place, if the Hong Kong police are operating on it and Versalife is not, that would make a 2 hour and 35 minute difference. If Jock rounded down from 38 and JC rounded up from near 13 it could almost make sense, but there is still an error involved of about an hour. BUT Jock came on the scene at least an hour after the killswitch is activated and he could have rounded from when he got there, and not from when it was really activated. Thus explaining the discrepancy.

However, it gets even more confusing because JC said he thought he had twenty hours left, yet Simons said he had twenty three (although he did say within, so that makes it a bit fudged), on the other hand JC was disoriented at the time.

Now then it gets worse, you see Jock picked up that helicopter from the MJ12 base in Hong Kong after it was made available by Daedalus, after JC was captured. This means that in the 12 hours he counted between the activation of the killswitch and the arrival in Hong Kong he made the trip to between Hong Kong and New York three times, if the data on distance I have is right that is a minimum of 1,255 mph. Now isn’t that a little fast for a helicopter to go?

However, if they were converting from Simons’ (which wasn’t accurate as to the 24 hour killswitch model) and assuming that it really was 24 hours it makes things nicer. It could be an inspecific amount of time for the first to legs (to Hong Kong and back), then as many as 11 hours to Hong Kong. But, the killswitch time would be left at 45 hours. Now they were studying the killswitch functionally, which could mean that they found out they were off on their 24 estimate, but still 45? Then we come back the fact that he said within, that could mean that he was taking the high very estimate. Or even trying to trick JC into thinking that he was safe for longer than he would be.

But we still have problems. You see the top speed of as helicopter by some theory or another leaves the time for the trip (one way) at 20 hours. Now that really screws stuff up. So let’s ignore that crap. Lets assume that the theory is wrong and the helicopter is really fast. Lets say that it makes the full trip (to Hong Kong, back and back to Hong Kong) in 20 hours, and that Simons was telling the truth on the timing, that puts the killswitch time at 36 hours.

Now why did I do all of this crap? Does it really help? Well here’s the big thing, when Paul got his killswitch activated he was really hurting, but they based their estimates of how long the killswitch would take to kill JC on data the collected from Paul meaning that Paul’s should have lasted that long. Now Paul probably came by plane so we don’t have to figure out helicopter speeds or anything. But he got there when JC was leaving barely in time to live. That would mean about 36 hours had passed since His was activated at the airfield. JC didn’t have his activated long after, so we can assume that it was a little over 6 hours between meeting Tong and leaving Hong Kong. That makes (obviously) the entire time from the activation of JC’s killswitch to when he left Hong Kong 36 hours.

All of that over we get to New York again. Now I’m not even going to try to calculate this, but let’s say that because it is night in Paris it didn’t take long to get there. We go back to The US, Vandenberg and Area 51, this must be a new day right? Probably, but that is in terms of hours, I’m thinking that it was the same night in terms of darkness passes then comes again =2 nights.

22:39:12 Vandenberg attack is underway. It would appear that it I have not checked out what time zone it is in, but unless it is before Area 51 by 2 hours* (not likely) that means that the Vandenberg attack was going on for almost a day.
*(with a daylight savings time discrepancy, or 3 without it)

19:45:12 Fighting is heard at Area 51, most likely the post (missile) attack slaughter of the non MJ12 soldiers.
23:11:30 JC has apparently not come in yet


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