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Written by Chris the Cynic, Added to and Edited by walton simons


Theories and Observations on the Body Lines
With Nice Pictures

First off we have to separate these things out. The lines on Simon’s face are different from the lines on JC and Paul’s in more than just appearance. Simon’s lines are part of another aspect of the nano augmentation project, and they are only temporary. Simon’s lines are called „bioelectrics”.

Page Lines
The infamous Robert Page before he attempts to become omnipotent. Side, front and back view.

In the intro you may well notice that Bob Page, non-augmented and all, has the same silver lines ending in blue squares on his face as JC and Paul. Further these head lines are not on the Denton clones though there are similar ones on other parts of the body, including ones on the hands identical to those on JC’s and Paul’s hands.

For this reason it is, in my opinion, reasonable to assume that these lines do not have to do with nano augmentation. Though they share characteristics with lines that would appear to.

Paul Lines
That said I present a theory:

I think that the lines are extensions of an occipital jack. The occipital region of the brain is the sensory region. Hence the jacks are often used by gamers for a better form of VR than just a helmet. However it might be easier for the wire type things to go on the outside to certain places, the ears for example. Further the jack might be more than that.

Daedalus is routed through JC’s infolink into a computer, that is only possible if the infolink was directly linked to the computer, and that is only possible through some kind of jack. Would a simple occipital jack be enough? I don’t know.

There are problems with this theory. One is that only JC, Paul and Page have these lines. On the other hand other than Alex we don’t meet any computer geeks. This might be explained by these being the most advanced computer interfaces around thus not available to the general public. It could be explained by these being more functional than most, where others would be invisible (we’ll touch on this again.)

Or it could be explained by them being totally unrelated to jacks.
JCDenton Face Texture
Another problem is that Alex has a jack himself, but we don’t see those lines on him. But he might have a non-visible one, or it could be that his was removed for repairs. That would seem doubtful from the look of the lines, but we don’t know how they are attached. Removal might be a simple process. Why would it be removed? Well at the time of the game his jack is broken.

Why would it be non-visible? Well a more advanced model might not be seen, it could be more expensive, or something like that. Page probably wouldn’t want one like that as he is proud of his technology, JC and Paul may have not been able to afford such, or they might have gotten theirs from UNATCO, which would not give out a more expensive version.

Problem number three, the lines are described as „silver facial tattoos” which they aren’t, but if they are part of a simple jack wouldn’t it say „visible occipital jack” or something like that? Once again the possibility of this being a more advanced model comes up, maybe whatever model this is has yet to be released to the public.

„Denton is approximately six feet tall, with silver facial tattoos and solid blue eyes, the result of a genetic condition usually concealed by a pair of sunglasses. He is armed and extremely dangerous. If you believe you have seen or know someone answering to this description, DO NOT attempt to engage them, but immediately report them to your nearest FEMA, UNATCO, or police presence.”
-MOST WANTED: J.C. Denton, Bulletin

Four is simple, the lines on the hands do seem to relate to nano augmentation, as they appear on the clones. This implies that the face lines may too, but as said the ones on the face do not appear on the clones. This brings up an interesting idea though, the technology used for the lines could be top of the line whatever it is, and modular.

Clone Details
The Clones found in Area 51, front, side and back.

There are jacks in the back of the hands similar to that at the back of the neck. These may be for augmentation canisters (the upgrades as the others must be delivered by med bots) and bioelectric cells. Now there is certainly no reason for three jacks for one purpose, so the one at the back of the neck is still unexplained. (One jack on each hand allows for right and left-handed operation.)

A different theory is that they are somehow nanite highways, this theory is simple, and has only one pro and only one con.

Lines go all over the body and may be like veins of nanites delivering them from one place to another. Lines like these are seen on the Denton clones thus they have a strong likelihood of being related to nanites.

Problem. Lines like this appear on Bob Page long before he is augmented, if he had nanites in him they would kill him (unless he had a system like Simons, which he doesn’t; we’ll get to that.) Also they do not appear on the head on the clones. These two things make it highly unlikely that the lines are related to nanite augmentation.

Another theory:

The lines are simple wire-like conduits for transmitting electrical signals at speeds faster than thought. They could deliver orders to the nanites all over the body, thus explaining their presence on the clones. This would save the user the trouble of having nanite signals going over on the slower nerves as well as bypass any problems with organic transmission of computer-like signals.

It might also explain the lines on the head as being similar things for non-nanite purposes. They could be related to an occipital jack or the infolink, or any number of other things.

The Port on the back of the neck, could be an occipital jack as the lines carry the exact type of signals a jack is made to send and recive.

The Lines on Page, might be related to his (non-nanite) brain augmentation mentioned in the Continuity Bible.

The Ports on the hands, if they carry electrical signals may also have a secondary function of carrying electrical charge, they could be a bioelectric cell port.

This theory is new, there have yet to be flaws pointed out.

Walton Simons
Simons is not like JC and Paul, he isn’t immune to the negative effects of the nanites. This means that he should be dying of gray death, but he’s not. Now the blue lines are called bioelectrics, and they can be seen on drug dealers and thugs. Thugs use them to manufacture things like steroids and deliver them to where they are „needed”.

Simons needs two things done to keep him alive, he needs his immune response suppressed, and he needs his newly suppressed immune system replaced or otherwise augmented (not necessarily in the Deus Ex sense of the word.)

It needs to be suppressed because it is the immune response that kills people. That is what the gray death is. („We need to destroy this village to save it” kind of thing, but cells instead of villages.) Without the immune response Simons can live happily ever after with his augmentations, except for one thing. His immune system is suppressed.

So here we have Simons and his own immune system isn’t killing him, but now anything else can. With no, or little, immune response anything can get at him. So now he needs that immune system replaced or helped out. Which leads to the theory that the bioelectrics on his face are a substitute of some sort for his immune system. With the nanite immune response avoided and his immune system replaced simons is theoretically able to be nanotechnologically augmented.


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