Veins of the Earth summary

For those not in the know, Veins of the Earth is a spiritual successor to Incursion. Development started in June 2013.

The goal is not to replicate either the SRD or Incursion faithfully – rather, it’s using the openly available underlying mechanics to take our own spin on them. Full list of differencies to SRD and Incursion can be found in the wiki on GitHub.

Grab the game from GitHub or Bitbucket or from ModDB.

The major differences to Incursion:
* the dungeon is non-persistent and infinite
* the game supports tiles!
* the UI is better
* readily available documentation
* open source from the beginning

… Incursion has an upper hand, however, when it comes to content.


[b]Some screens[/b]:


As As of beta 5 (18/04/2014), the Veins of the Earth module for T-Engine 1.1.5 boasts the following features:

brand-new start-up screen and menu [standalone version only]
new old gold and black UI skin
controls displayed automatically at game start
13 classes: barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard (with specialist classes); warlock, shaman
6 prestige classes: shadowdancer, assasin, arcane archer, blackguard, loremaster, archmage
16 races: human, half-elf, half-drow, gnome, halfling, elf, dwarf, half-orc; drow, duergar, deep gnomes; lizardfolk, kobold, orc
backgrounds for quicker character creation
improved starting equipment taking into account class and race; magic items as perks
random name generator taking into account your character’s race and sex
Effective Character Level
XP for killing monsters, descending deeper, disarming traps
multiclassing & prestige classes & favored classes & bonus feats by class
colored character sheet with tooltips displaying rules info
randomized unarmed and weapon damage; archery and weapon finesse; two weapon fighting penalties & feats
attack roll & AC & critical hits & offhand attack (including double weapons) & iterative attacks
death at -10 and detrimental effects both at 0 and in the -1 to -9 range; certain monsters can now poison you, reducing your stats
saving throws printed to log; now take the best of two stats (Dex-Int; Con-Str; Wis-Cha)
hp, exp, dungeon level on-screen display now with bars and color changing depending on the amount of HP left
inventory & encumbrance
spellbook now with spell information included and an iconed hotbar for spells [Seb]; some 0, 1st, 2nd, 3rd level spells
armor spell failure chance; key stat must be 9 to cast spells
casters gain access to next spell level every 3rd level
spell-like abilities for drow & duergar; other spell-likes as random perks at start
Spellcraft test required to identify spells cast by others
clerics now pick from 16 deities which limit their alignment and domain choices (44 domains total)
some monsters up to CR 1; CR displayed in tooltips; monsters drop equipment and corpses
feat and skill select [Seb]
skill checks and opposed checks, including armor check penalty and racial bonuses; more skill points at first character level
skill tests printed to log; max skill ranks implemented; feat bonuses applied on top of skill ranks
stealth & sneak attack
most weapons from SRD; magic armors and shields; magic weapons; light sources; magic items
all feats from SRD except archery feats and unarmed combat feats
most monsters from the SRD (missing: demons, devils, dragons, lycanthropes, swarms, most animals which don’t fit the dungeon theme)
pre-made d20-style encounters of more than 1 monster
humanoid NPCs can now have character classes
shopkeepers can now sell & buy items
item identification in two stages, auto-destroying known cursed items
CR displayed in tooltips; monsters drop equipment and corpses
hp, exp, dungeon level on-screen display now with bars and color changing depending on the amount of HP left
colored in-game help screen; legend screen
stairs have a chance of not changing the dungeon level [Seb]; Sil-style min depth and anti-stairscum measures
level feelings and item feelings (warning: these affect only pre-spawned items, not monster loot)
colored tooltips (color-coded relative monster stats and CR); colored log messages
item tooltips both on ground and in inventory
in-character monster info screen
terrain effects
speed bonuses
resting takes 8 hours, monsters respawn on rest
cure x wounds spells work in a traditional way; heal x wounds spells heal a percentage of total hp

You can see more screenshots or download it from ModDB.

Alternate download, README, issue tracker and wiki available at GitHub.

Yet alternate download and README available at Bitbucket.
Feedback and contributors welcome!

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