What do the casters in BG say

A/N: Taken from http://www.shsforums.net/topic/17190-what-the-casters-say/


1) Illusion: „Veritas, Credo, Oculos” = „The truth, I believe, with my eyes”

2) Alteration: „Praeses, Alia, Fero” = „Protecting, another, I bring this forth”

3) Necromancy: „Vita, Mortis, Careo” = „Life, and death, I am without”

or „Vita, Mortis, Cario” = „Life death cures”

4) Divination: „Scio, Didici, Pecto” = „I know, for I have studied, with my mind”

5) Abjuration: „Manus, Potentis, Paro” = „A hand, powerful, I prepare”

6) Evocation: „Incertus, Pulcher, Imperio” = „Uncertain, beautiful things, I command”

7) Conjuration: „Facio, Voco, Ferre” = „This I do, I call, to bring you forth”

8) Enchantment: „Cupio, Virtus, Licet” = „I want, excellence, allowed to me”


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