About Me

I am a student of English in my second year at university.

My interest in fantasy started in 2003 or 2004, when a friend lent me his copy of Baldur’s Gate. Next I read the books (Tolkien, Sapkowski) and then I sank into Forgotten Realms.

I have been writing seriously (my earlier texts were fit only for a trash bin) for a long time, since 2005. I started with Forgotten Realms novel-length stories, although recently I have written some shorter things too (for HP, FR or BG fandoms).

I have always had an active imagination and writing is a way of expressing it. Furthermore, it allows me to escape the gray, bleak (and sometimes really hard) reality.

Did I say ‚really hard’? That’s because I’m disabled – I have cerebral palsy and severe hearing loss. But I don’t let my problems rule my life.

I write both in my native language of Polish and in English. Some of my fics I have already translated into English.

You can find my fics in many places: on Polter or Mirriel (Polish only);  Potions and Snitches (English only);  or on DeviantArt or FF.net (Polish and English both).


My interests



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