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The schema applying to all the texts:  Original title; rating; fandom; characters, time; translation; available also on.

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The links lead to the stories published here, on this website. In the case of longer stories, they lead to the first chapter.

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„Los SiNafay”; T/T+; Forgotten Realms; OC/OC (SiNafay Vrinn/Solaufein Jae’llat); 1300 DR +; not planned (abandoned); Polter (only), DA (vol. II, III and IV)

„W poszukiwaniu ojca”; T; Harry Potter; HP/GW, alluded to SS/LE, post-DH;  „In Search of a Father”; Mirriel,, DA, LJ, P&S, AO3

„Noc po bitwie”; T+; Harry Potter; HP/GW, post-DH; not yet; Mirriel,, DA, AO3

„Sekret”; M; Harry Potter; alluded to HP/GW, Amycus Carrow, Severus Snape, during DH; „Secret”; Mirriel,, DA, LJ, AO3

„Wspomnienia”; T; Baldur’s Gate (Forgotten Realms); Khalid/Jaheira; „Memories”; Mirriel,, DA, LJ, AO3

„Służba”; T+; Harry Potter; SS, HP/GW, post-DH; „Servitude”; Mirriel,, DA, P&S, LJ, AO3

„Rodzina”; T; Harry Potter; HP/GW, DD/?, post-DH; not yet; Mirriel,, DA, AO3

„Widmo miłości”; T+; Harry Potter; SS/LE, post-DH; „Ghost of Love”; Mirriel,, DA, AO3

„Patronusy”; T+; Harry Potter; HP/GW, post-DH; „Patronuses”;, DA, AO3

„Czarna magia”; M; Harry Potter; SS/LE, HP/GW, post-DH; „Dark Magic”‚; Mirriel,, DA, AO3


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